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HAMA:  The Syrian Army has liberated 2 more towns in Hama: Balahseen and Arza in the western region of the province. I have a confirmed number of dead rodents of the Nusra group whose carcasses are enriching the soil of the area.  According to Wael in Latakia, the SAA has counted 59 dead rats.  This action represents a major advance for the SAA.

The SAA is only hours away from liberating Khirbat Al-Hijaamaa which is a few kms east of the Khattaab Military Zone.  This is being accomplished after completely liberating Al-Samsaam Hill where 67 Nusra rats were killed trying to defend it. The action against Khirbat Al-Hijaamaa involves massive artillery bombardment with infantry ready, as I write, to begin combat operations in the area where the vermin are located.  The SAA is also preparing a full assault on Al-Qashqaash after forcing the remaining rats to flee with withering artillery bombardment. This village will be declared rat-free in a few hours.



‘Uqayrabaat:  It is reported that ISIS killed Nusra leader, Ahmad Al-Shaaher.  May he burn in Hell.




مقتل عدد كبير من إرهابيي

The 2 bases remain under attack but the attacks are melting away, probably because of frustration or redeployments to areas where the rats are weaker.  ISIS is attacking Nusra with regularity in an attempt to supplant them. The SAA continues to advance, however, slowly and very deliberately.


Waadi Al-Dhayf:  This base east of Ma’arrat Al-Nu’maan remains firmly in the grip of the SAA.  Yesterday, some mortar attacks were noted. SAA reportedly pursued the attackers.  I have no details.


Abu Dhuhoor Airbase:  Some skirmishing but no serious attempt by the rats to breach the perimeter.  A very well-defended and supplied base.


Ma’arrat Al-Nu’maan:  I am pleased to say that the SAA appears to be preparing a serious assault to remove the last remnants of Rodenta from this ghost town.  I have read one report of SAA armor massing south of the town.


Al-Baraagheeti:  SAA crushed a pack of Nusra rodents traveling on the back of pickup trucks:

‘Abdul-Salaam ‘Atwa

Ahmad Mabrook

Muhammad Ja’dan

Another 9 were determined to be foreign.


الجيش السوري يوسع سيطرته في الغوطة الشرقية لدمشق ويتابع عملياته في عدة محافظات

More fighting here:  Al-Haamidiyya, Umm Jareen, Kafr Shalaayaa, Al-Raami, Kafr Roomaa.


Waadi Al-Sabeel west of Kooreen:  An armored truck followed by a Chevy pickup with a 23mm cannon were both destroyed.  All 7 rats were killed and the determined to be foreign.  2 of them were Turks.



Another hero, Dennis Kucinich, rails against the euphemisms concerning the Iraq War:


Anon. sends this very interesting article about the conformism that retards the growth of the Arab willingness to prepare, coordinate and innovate.  It’s all true and I’ve written about this before:


John Esq. sends this article about America’s love affair with terrorism since the “Nakba”.  The SSNP was pro-American back then, but, no longer:


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