مقتل عدد من المرتزقة والإرهابيين باستهداف أوكار لهم  في دير الزور

War criminal Obama is going to try to correct the mistakes, missteps and inbred defects of his administration and the rats it supports in Syria by using ISIS as carte blanch to attack the SAA.  He does this in a vacuum where Russia and Iran do not exist.  Hopefully, General Dempsey will remind him that WWIII is just that far away.



‘Itmaan/Tafass Road:  Terrorists tooling around on motorcycles with assault weapons is not something most societies tolerate.  And, so, in Syria, 8 rats heading for ‘Itmaan met the Grim Reaper in the form of the SAA.  All the rodents were dispatched to Hell.


‘Itmaan/Tafass Road:  Just a few hours ago, a bulldozer was stopped dead in its tracks by a fusillade of gunfire from the SAA.  The driver and his helper, both armed and wearing camouflage, were shot to death:

Nizhaamuddeen Jallaad

Mahmoud ‘Ulayyaan


Al-Nu’ayma:  East of the “Center” Building, SAA and security killed 4 rodents. No names.


Nawaa:  An attempted infiltration to a checkpoint went awry when SAA received advance news about the attack.  7 rats killed.  All belonged to Nusra.


Simleen:  Another attempted infiltration to the southeast of Zimreen, was beaten back.  No details.


Inkhil:  3 armored trucks and a pickup with 23mm cannon were all destroyed by a combination of SAAF and the army.  The trucks were carrying new weapons provided by the Jordanians.  More evidence of Hashemite treachery.


‘Itmaan:  West of the Juice Factory, a bulldozer used to build fortifications was disable and the driver arrested.


Al-Shawmara:  16 Nusra rats died in a firefight here after the SAA invaded their nest destroying also a pickup with 23mm cannon.

Diyaab Farah

Muhammad Ghaaleb

Zaayed Qawaadira

The rest were foreigners.


syrian army

Al-Waaridaat:  At the Black Mosque northeast of the Mold Factory, the SAA killed an undisclosed number of terrorists.


Al-Manaasher:  Another pack of rats was identified and attacked by fast-moving infantry.  Weapons and ammunition were seized and delivered to our NDF.  No numbers of rat fatalities reported.


syrian army

Simleen: A few hours ago, another Nusra nest destroyed and all weapons and ammo seized for use by NDF.


Al-Musayka:  Fighting with no details.


Fighting also reported at:  West Khirbat Al-Maleeha, Al-Jeeza, Inkhil.





Harastaa:  At the ‘Ali Ibn Abi Taaleb Mosque east of the Shammoot Company.  The Shammoot firm is famous for manufacturing the delicious Qamardeen, a large blanket made of dried apricots which my mother used to buy always for the house and Ziad.  You tear off a piece and slowly allow it to melt into your mouth.  Quite a treat, back then.

Muhamamad Al-Masri

Khaleel Al-Shaykh


Al-‘Ibb Farms in Doumaa:  We can smell Zahraan ‘Alloosh the way a cat can smell a rat.  It’s all the boring Jaysh Al-Islam here:

Kamaal “Bi-‘Uyoon Qatlaa” (That’s the name given by the Ba’ath. Not my fault.)


Jawbar:  At the Fateena Tower.  All 13 were foreigners.  The ones identified were:




Waadi ‘Ayn Turma:  Major advance for SAA here:

Maalek Ka’ka (Al-Jabha Al-Islaamiyya leader and kaka)

Muhammad Ghabboor

Faarooq ‘Abdullah

Ahmad Abu Nimr

Khaaled Al-Shaykh Hassan

Mu’aadh Majdalaawi

Another 3 could not be identified.


Al-Dukhkhaaniyya:  A suburb of Damascus.  24 rats killed and 21 taken prisoner in a huge raid conducted by SAA and NDF. No names, yet.


Heavy fighting in Zibdeen and Al-Nishaabiyya Farms.  Many rats killed or wounded.



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