DAYR EL-ZOR:  Don’t believe anything you hear from the western media about this.  The only thing true is that the withering cannon fire from the SAA and the endless bombing runs by the SAAF have finally broken the back of the ISIS rats in Dayr El-Zor.  The western media is trying to make it sound like the ISIS terrorists are leaving out of fear of American bombing which is what Kerry and his gang of nincompoops want American congressmen to believe.  But, facts are facts.  And, it is pellucidly clear that the detonation of the Al-Siyaasiyya Bridge 3 days ago by SAA engineers and special forces has left ISIS completely isolated and unable to maneuver as Division 17 begins the glorious work of exterminating the remnant rodents.


From reports arriving here, it seems the rats are going to regroup and reinforce in Al-Raqqa to where a large SAA division was headed with brand new T-82 tanks.  There has been a delay in the progress of the division due to questions about uses elsewhere, such as in Idlib and Hama where the terrorists are now in a very precarious situation.


Al-Huwayqa Quarter:  The SAA and NDF pummeled ISIS here last night in raids preceded by pinpoint use of artillery.  The only Syrians among the mostly foreign pack of rodents were these:

  • Jabboor AlBusa’eed
  • ‘Imaad Sulaymaan
  • Radhwaan Falaah Hubballah

Another 16 could not be identified


Heavy fighting reported going on now in remaining areas of the city which are still infested with the ISIS rats: Al-Sinaa’ah, Al-Rushdiyya, Al-Jubayla and the village of Al-Saalihiyya.


Al-Shaara Town:  Ba’ath Party sources report ISIS is pulling out of this town leaving substantial amounts of spare ammunition we intend to use to kill Wahhabist terrorists.


The Municipal Center in Dayr El-Zor City:  Completely evacuated as the SAA continued its assault on the building complex.  31 rat carcasses counted in the area.


Al-Mayaadeen City:  Right on the border with Iraq,  only 3 ISIS positions remain here for reasons known only to the Devil.  This town is where the great Col. Riyaadh Al-As’ad lost his first leg.  I’m sure he has fond memories of that night.

All oil fields have been evacuated by the terrorists and, evidently, their families.  They are headed to Al-Raqqa and Iraq.

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