Members of the SAA and our National Defense Forces raise the flag near ‘Adraa Town to the north where Obama’s terrorists met their Waterloo


Waadi ‘Ayn Turmaa:  We can confirm major advances by the SAA and NDF into this town with the SAA taking over whole blocks from retreating terrorists.  The SAA killed over 40 rats yesterday in heavy fighting.


Al-DukhkhaaniyyaAdjacent to Waadi ‘Ayn Turmaa, this area also saw intense bombardment by SAA artillery and numerous raids carried out by Republican Guard special operations units preparing for a massive push in the next few days.  The rats inside have memorized the handwriting on the wall and there’s no escape.  All routes are closed.  The area is now 50% under the control of the SAA.


Adraa Town, New ‘Adraa and ‘Adraa Workers’ Residencies:  The population has been warned not to come out and cheer the SAA or NDF for the reason that special engineering units are combing the area for thousands of IEDs and mines which the fleeing and dying rodents left as a parting gift for the citizens of Syria.  In the meanwhile, Syrian troops are securing liberated infrastructure such as factories and institutions.  East of the Mercedes Building, and all the way to the Old Homs Highway, businesses, factories and clinics are being made safe.  The SAA has just declared the Domestic Transportation Center safe, along with the Local Defense Center, Gas Production Facility, Electric Institute, Carton Paper and Oil factories and the Public Hygiene Complex.





Have a look at ‘Adraa Town.  See what Obama and his stinking rats did.



أهم العمليات العسكرية لوحدات الجيش السوري ليوم الجمعة 26-9-2014

Mas-hara Town:  An attempted infiltration into Jibba Town was repelled by SAA.


Nab’ Al-Sakhr:  2 vehicles, a van and a pickup armed with a 23mm cannon were destroyed.  No details available.




syria army


Al-Rastan:  This bigoted town of some of the world’s most ignorant humanoids saw another devastating blow struck at J.N. when a pack of the jackals was surrounded and destroyed:

  • Ahmad Farzaat
  • Kifaah Al-Daayeb
  • Bakri Al-‘Umar
  • Shaaher Haraka
  • Manhal Mansoor
  • Yahyaa Al-Khateeb
  • Firaas Muhammad
  • Manhal Jum’ah
  • Anas Al-Fuqahaa`
  • Baseem ‘Abdul-Razzaaq Khattaab
  • Ibraaheem Ayyoob
  • Deeb Ahmad Deeb

Another 29 could not be identified and are believed to be foreign mercenaries paid for by the stinking whore-monkeys of Arabia.


South Al-Mushayrifa:  An attempted infiltration to Umm Sarj resulted in 11 rats killed.  All J.N.  No names.


Ruhoom Village:  In the Jubb Al-Jarraah area.  More of Robert Ford’s heroes exterminated.


Aydoon Village:  In the Talbeesa/Dayr Fool area.  More rats put to death.


Al-Shawmariyya Mountain:  An attempted infiltration to Dayr Ward resulted in 4 carcasses belonging to ISIS.






Port Sa’eed Street:  SANA reports the SAA invading a nest of ISIS skunks and killing them all. No details.


North of Al-‘Urfi Assocation:  A pickup with 23mm cannon was detroyed.  All ISIS.


Grain Mill and Silos north of the city:  The SAA ambushed a pack of ISIS cockroaches and killed 16. Weapons and ammo were seized and delivered to NDF for killing Saudis and Qataris.


Mu-Hassan:  2 nests of ISIS destroyed by SAA.  Many killed or wounded.  No details available yet.



Heavy fighting in the western areas:  Al-Gharra Village (C&C center destroyed), Mghlooja, Abu Tulayl.


Aaliya VillageNear Ra`s Al-‘Ayn close to the Turk border.  Fighting with no details.



The man who should be president of the U.S. tells it like it is.  Here, it’s about inconvenient truths:


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