كاميرا العالم تصور تقدم الجيش السوري بحمص وريفها

SYRIAN PERSPECTIVE CAN CONFIRM THE TOTAL LIBERATION OF ‘ADRAA TOWN AS OF LAST NIGHT, SEPTEMBER 24, 2014.  The Syrian Army accepted the surrender of over 230 foreign rodents whose fate is now in the hands of the Syrian state.  We do not believe these mercenary killers should be given any end other than one in the same bakery ovens they pushed government employees when they first entered the city.  The SAA is now pushing hard into ‘Adraa Workers’ Residencies, but, with much more care because that part of the city is filled with homes and large apartment buildings still occupied by long-suffering civilians.  Major advances are reported inside the area and SyrPer predicts that it will be liberated within 72 hours res sic stantibus.   When I get back from an assignment today, I will tell you about other areas about to be rendered rat-free.  Note:  Many news sites are reporting American attacks on Syrian oil fields in the east.  Syrian oil fields are not “oil rich” because most have been depleted since 2012.  What the terrorists of ISIS were doing was siphoning off national reserve tanks and selling it to Erdoghan whose neck is getting closer to the chastising blade.  Congratulations to the Syrian Army, President Assad and most of all, the people of Syria on this great victory. ZAF

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