Hassan Abboud (seated) was the head of the political bureau of the Islamic Front alliance. (File photo)

His real name is Hassaan ‘Abbood, a/k/a “Abu ‘Abdullah Al-Hamawi”.  He was the Political Chief of Ahraar Al-Shaam.  He is also a ball of nebulized molecules, now. 




Raam Hamdaan:  The rats, all 1st tier and 2nd tier commanders, got together to pray before conducting their meeting.  They were all Salafists belonging to an umbrella group styled: The Islamic Front. Yawn.  As they prayed for guidance from Satan in a Black Sabbath worthy of a cheap AI movie, a trusted rodent wearing an explosive belt knelt down with them and detonated the C-4.  This is a different form of decapitation than what we’re used to, but, the organization has been dealt a lethal blow, especially at a time when it was falling apart due to divisions and defections within.  Along with Abu ‘Abdullah Al-Hamawi, many others using noms de guerre like Abu Taahaa, Abu Zuhayr,and the like, joined their rat leader on a cruise via the River Styx.

With DeMistura, the newly appointed U.N. Peace envoy in Damascus, Dr. Assad didn’t have a chance to wish Mr. ‘Abbood farewell on his much-awaited trip to the Netherworld.  Yet, we know, deep in his heart, the good doctor would normally give the deceased a traditional Ba’athist send off:


“Good bye, Mr. ‘Abbood and friends.  Make sure to take your sun tan lotion.  It’s very hot down there.”

Ahraar Al-Shaam, like ‘Alloosh’s Jaysh Al-Islam, was undergoing change in light of the Syrian Army’s consistent victories over the span of the last 12 months.  The rise of ISIS also was playing a role in the recalculations of many leaders within the group.  That such a meeting would take place given the inherent dangers of concentrating so many important figures in one area is a sign that ‘Abbood was fearful of a major shakeup no different than the one taking place with Jaysh Al-Islam in the Eastern Al-Ghouta.  Yet, it was also reckless.  We hope that his successor, Abu Jaaber, will be just as reckless.



SAA artillery laid down a picture from burning circles of Hell during the last 2 days firing thousands of rounds of rockets and bombs from the military base in Khattaab.  The devastation visited upon the Nusra rats was overwhelming.  SyrPer is now predicting the imminent collapse of all Nusra networks in this province as the SAA has now taken over the main road between Hama and Mahardaa.  The SAA continues to advance along 3 axes with a maelstrom of artillery fire covering its every movement.  SyrPer predicts the fall of Soobeen Village, 5 kms southwest of the Military Zone, in the next 24 hours.

There is nothing Nusra can do to prevent this given the fact that its ability to respond to SAA fire is now at nil.


With Nusra, Jaysh Al-Islam and Ahraar Al-Shaam about to face the inevitable existential question posed famously by Hamlet, the U.S. is upping its commitment to terrorism by re-invading Iraq based on the false flag of Hollywood-generated beheadings of 2 American spy-journalists who had no business being in Syria in the first place.  The lying terrorist criminal, Obama, is going to give a speech touted by the press as “important”.  It will put the American people on notice that the U.S. is returning to its old stomping grounds for another try at neo-imperialism – and at its ugliest.

Russia and Iran have given their warnings.  I just hope the people of the U.S. wake up to the fact that their president is a dyed-in-the-wool gangster no better than Lucky Luciano or John Gotti.


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