The Daily Telegraph in England is hardly the sort of tabloid one quotes in a refined website like ours.  Yet, like the National Enquirer or Penthouse Magazine, once in a while they come up with something worthy.  In this case, they have defined the hierarchy of the ISIS organization in a manner consistent with what Ziad told the world only a few weeks ago after the Satanic cult overran the Iraqi Army in Mosul and laid waste to much of northern Iraq.  According to them at the Telegraph, here is the pyramidic structure of ISIS:

بينهم ضباط عراقيون سابقون.. هؤلاء هم القيادات العليا لتنظيم


From the top to the bottom, here’s what it looks like:


1. Abu Bakr Al-Baghdaadi a/k/a Caliph Ibraaheem

2.  Abu Muslim Al-Turkmaani (A former officer in Saddam’s army. Real name: Faadhel Al-Hayyaali)

3.  Abu Qaassem (‘Abdullah Ahmad Al-Mashhadaani)

4.  Abu ‘Abdul-Rahmaan Al-Beelaawi (Real name: ‘Adnaan Ismaa’eel Nijm.  Former officer killed on June 5, 2014 in Mosul)

5.  ‘Abu Haajar Al-‘Assaafi (Real name: Muhammad Hameed Al-Daylami.  Works as coordinator and information distributor)

6.  Abu Salaah (Real name:  Muwaffaq Mustafaa Al-Karmoosh.  Finance Czar)

7.  Abu ‘Ali a/k/a Abu Lu`ayy (Real name: ‘Abdul-Waahid Khudhayr Ahmad.  General Secretary)

8. Abu Muhammad (Real name: Bashshaar Ismaa’eel Al-Hamadaani.  In charge of prisoners)

9.  Abu ‘Abdul Qaader (Real name: Shawkaat Haazem Al-Farhaat. General Administration)




10. Abu Kifaah (Real name: Khayri ‘Abed Hammood Al-Taa`iy. A relative of Iraq’s former Saddamist Defense Minister and traitor)

11. Abu Sajiyy (Real name: ‘Awf ‘Abdul-Rahmaan Al-‘Afari.  Social affairs, salaries, general family assistance)




12.  Abu Maysara (Real name:  Ahmad ‘Abdul-Qaader Al-Jazzaa’.  Baghdad area)

13. Abu Muhammad Al-Suwaydaawi  (Real name ‘Adnaan lateef Al-Suwaydaawi. Al-Anbaar Prov. Former officer)

14. Abu Jirnaas (Real name: Radhwaan Taaleb Al-Jardooni. Authority for Syrian-Iraqi border)

15.  Abu Faatima (Real name, Ahmad Muhsin Al-Juhayshi.  Central Euphrates area)

16.  Abu Faatima (Real name, Ni’ma ‘Abed Naayef Al-Jabboori. Responsible for Kirkuk)

17.  Abu Nabeel (Real name, Wissaam ‘Abed Zayd Al-Zubaydi. Salaahuddeen Prov. Killed early June 2014)


Isn’t it amazing that so many of Caliph Ibraaheem’s minions are former Sunni officers in Saddam’s Ba’ath Party.  Also amazing is that Ziad’s prediction about ‘Izzaat Ibraaheem Al-Douri’s downfall has come true.  Some sources tell me he is very ill and unable to carry out his duties as chief murderer and plunderer.  This is a good article to keep in order to tally up the dead rats as the crow-eating Americans continue to pretend they had nothing to do with ISIS’ creation.  You might also be interested to know that Turkey continues to provide ISIS with intelligence and logistical support, not to mention haven and medical treatment.  So much for Turkey’s membership in NATO.  So much for Turkey’s chances to join the EU. Ziad

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