تدمير معمل لتصنيع قذائف الهاون في الزبداني.. ومقتل عشرات الإرهابيين في وادي عين ترما

Khaan Al-Shaykh:  Desperate terrorists, thirsting for a shot of whiskey, tried to infiltrate into the liquor distillery and pharmaceutical factory east of the Al-Salaam Highway and got a shot of something else instead. ‘Alloosh’s group appears more dysfunctional than ever.


Khaan Al-Shaykh Farms:  2 pickups with 2 23mm cannons were destroyed.  No other details.


Khaan Al-Shaykh:  At the Agricultural Secondary School, SAA and militia killed 11 terrorists belonging to ‘Alloosh’s hapless brood.  No names.


Bayt Taymaa:  An attempted infiltration into Khaan Al-Shaykh by ‘Alloosh’s fools resulted in another 8 killed and 5 wounded.



إحباط محاولة ثلاثة إرهابيين انتحاريين القيام بعمل إجرامي في محيط مدينة دمشق

Al-Tal:  This is ‘Abdullah Al-Ahmar’s hometown.  He is the Deputy Secretary General of the Ba’ath Party Pan-Arab Command located in Baraamki, Damascus.  Another miserable attempted infiltration from this town into Harastaa was stopped dead in the tracks by the SAA.  A car was halted at a military checkpoint with 3 rodents inside.  The soldiers were trained to spot terrorists and noted that one was moving his hand in a very suspicious manner.   A corporal opened fire on the vermin and killed one before he could detonate his explosive belt.  The second one near the driver was also killed.  The driver was wounded and is now singing an aria for our MI people.


Harastaa at the Secondary Roundabout:  SAA and NDF pulled their fingers and killed these rats:

  • Nu’maan Naaji
  • Mustafaa Tabaaju

Another 3 were not named.


Jawbar to the east of the Central Corniche:  SAA killed 2 more rodents:

  • ‘Ali Mawsili
  • ‘Abdul-Jaleel Mansoor


Al-‘Awja area at the Al-Andoomi Factory, the Al-Naabulusi Farms, the Sharee’ah School and the Chinese Villa:  14 dead rats with no names.  All were foreigners.


Daarayyaa:  At the Sukayna (var: Ruqayya) Shrine:  SAA killed 6 terrorists.  Their carcasses were notable for the emaciated shapes indicating starvation.


Al-Maleeha to the east of Tamico Pharmaceutical Complex, the SAA killed more of ‘Alloosh’s vultures:

  • ‘Abdul-Qaader Tu’ma
  • Mudhar Sha’abaan
  • ‘Aatallaah Baddoor
  • Muhammad Al-Fulaytaani
  • Jawaad Ahmad


Waadi ‘Ayn Turmaa:  SYRPER CAN CONFIRM THE DEATHS OF 31 JAYSH AL-ISLAM fanatics in a spectacular ambush laid by the SAA with NDF support.  This unique operation used new tactics based on studies of the training received by many of ‘Alloosh’s idiots in Jordan.  BIG SURPRISE!!  The carcasses are still being assessed and I have no names.


Adraa Town:  At the Inshaa`aat Quarter, the Jabha Al-Islaamiyya took a big hit when a cluster of SAA snipers got moving rodents in their cross hairs and killed 8.  Once the dust settled, NDF scoured the area and took possession of several heavy machine guns for use in killing Saudis:

  • Mahmoud Taahaa
  • Diyaab Al-‘Aroos

The others were all foreign with invalid papers.


Doumaa:  At the Sindiyaana Junction, the SAA killed these:

  • Ahmad Al-Hammoori
  • Dhiyaa` Sha’ath
  • ‘Abdul-Waali Subayhi


Al-Zabadaani:  In the western neighborhood, the SAA destroyed a mortar factory killing 3 rodents and wounding over 20.  All were foreigners:



The other was not identified but is believed to be Lebanteezian also.


Qaara on the Lebanese border:  At Waadi Al-Zamraani, rodents from our western neighbor tried to infiltrate through unorthodox routes but were slammed by alert SAA spotters who called in air strikes that halted the entire effort.  Eyewitness reports mention 5 carcasses still laying under the hot sun.  Rats are desperate.

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