The Obama-Army of rats and vermin is in a tough, hopeless situation now as thousands of former supporters have opted for the Amnesty Program and with some joining the National Defense Forces.  With support vaporizing, especially among the fence-sitting rural Sunnis, it appears that recruitment is a mere pipe dream.  The SAA is more armed today than ever before and the technology is getting that much better.


Khaan Al-Shaykh Farms:  At the Al-Zuhoor (flowers) Avenue near the Agricultural Institute, the SAA pulverized 2 pickups with 23mm cannons, killing all passengers:

  • Mustafaa Al-Khaazen
  • Ahmad Muhammad Jaaber
  • ‘Issaam Abu-Shaadi

The other 4 were foreigners.  Their names have not been released.  Monzer writes that they were peculiarly ugly and probably from Arabia.  كانوا قباح للغاية


Khaan Al-Shaykh:  At the Solar Power Station on Al-Salaam Highway, SAA killed 5 of ‘Alloosh’s rats.  No names.


تكثيف العمليات في مزارع خان الشيح.. ومقتل عدد من إرهابيي

Bayt Taymaa:  An attempt to infiltrate again into Khaan Al-Shaykh, after yesterday’s disaster, went south for the struggling vultures of the Jaysh Al-Islam:

  • Arshad Ghandoor
  • Muhammad ‘Abdul-Ghani
  • Nidhaal Hammoori

The other 4 were not identified.  They were believed to be Syrian.


Al-Maleeha Farms north and east at the Tamico Pharmaceutical Complex:  Death rained down on starving rats.  A pickup with 23mm cannon was reportedly damaged by SAA.  No names.


Al-Nishaabiyya Farms:  Confirmed 12 rats belonging to ‘Alloosh’s pack were sent scurrying to Hades:

  • Fu`aad Mulayssi
  • Rabee’ Al-Jada’
  • ‘Abdul-Rahmaan ‘Uraabi
  • Waleed ‘Annaaz
  • Amjad Mallooh
  • Mustafaa Harb

The others were not named.


Waadi ‘Ayn Turmaa:  Suffocating scarabs suffer setbacks.  No names.


Doumaa:  A pack calling itself the “Usood Al-Ghoutaa” (The Lions of the Ghouta. yawn) wound up in their own cage in Satan’s Zoo after being shot dead near the Agricultural Building and Martyr’s Square.  No names.


Aaliya Farms:  ‘Alloosh has been seen here many times.  He knows they’re looking for him.  He’s negotiating with Ahraar Al-Shaam to unite the 2 groups because his has been decimated by defections and death:

  • ‘Abdu Ruhaybaani
  • Saamer Al-Khaleel
  • Ja’afar ‘Abdul-Mu’ti
  • Tayseer Al-Saa’oor
  • Bassaam Al-Tubji (The named Tubji in Lebanese street speech, the “Catamite”)


Adraa Town:  The Jabha Al-Islaamiyya was sent to an Islamic Hell yesterday:

  • Anas Al-Naabulusi
  • Ahmad Wahba


Al-Zabadaani in the eastern hills:  Whatever happened to our former reader, “Free Zabadaani”?  Yesterday, his heroes got shaved a bit too close:

  • Jameel Al-Kanaakiri
  • ‘Ali Al-Dirsaani


Al-Mushrifa, Ra`s Al-Ma’arra, Al-Jibba, all on the Lebanese Border in the Qalamoon: Rats trying to maneuver and open pathways for their litter-mates in Lebanon’s ‘Arsaal went flop yesterday:

  • Mahmoud Al-Rifaa’iy

I have no other names.





Ufaaniyaa:  A flatbed with a 23mm cannon went boom yesterday after it was tracked by SAA gunners.  The remnant rodents fled back behind Zionist lines for protection, and probably, medical treatment.


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