Ayn Hussayn:  The SAA received intelligence that a convoy with 3 pickups festooned with the usual 23mm cannon were accompanying 2 trucks loaded with weapons headed for Al-Mushrifa in the area of Talbeesa.  SAA artillery nearby at Umm Sharshooh got a bead on the convoy and opened fire causing anarchy within the ranks of the Nusra hyenas.  When the SAAF appeared covering an advancing column of SAA mechanized infantry, the battle was over in less than half an hour.  17 rodents were consigned to the Hellish Zone while another 33 were taken prisoner.  The amount of light weapons, rockets for RPGs and ammunition is enough to equip an entire regiment of NDF – and so it will.  We want to thank all the Erdoghani degenerates in Turkland for their kind gift and hope they’ll send more.


Jabal Al-Shaa’er:  (Poet’s Mountain) This desolate area has a SyriaTel Tower complex which was attacked by ISIS syphilitics on August 21, 2014.  The attack was repelled by NDF and private guards who killed 8 of the rats.  All ISIS vermin were non-Syrian.


Al-Wa’er:  Intense and productive negotiations continue here between the mayor and Al-Jabhat Al-Islaamiyya for the surrender of the last rat holdout.  The city’s population will explode in a paroxysm of jubilation when and if the rodents finally get out and go back to Hell from whence they came.


Al-Rastan: At the Haleema Al-Sa’diyya School, the Al-Sharkasi Building (Circassian) and Al-Ballaan Vilage, the SAA wiped out 3 nests of huddling rats:

Makram Tayfoor

‘Adnaan Ahmad

Muhammad Siraajeddeen

The other 22 rats were not carrying valid id and are believed to be foreign.


Eastern Homs Province:  Fighting with ISIS at Tal Abu Sanaasil, Al-Musayrifa, West Habra, ‘Arshoona, Ruhoom, Abu Hawaadeed, Mas’ada




syrian army 22

Burj Qaa’iy and Dayr Salaam in the Hoolaa area:  SAA and SAAF wiped out 2 nests of rodents.  No names.


I have the following data from August 21 until August 24:

Fighting in these areas: ‘Unq Al-Hawaa (attempted ISIS infiltration to Maksar Al-Hissaan foiled), Taldu, Kafr Laataa, Tal Dahab, Dayr Fool, Al-Sa’en, Maryamayn (The Two Marys), West Al-Ghawr, Taldu at the Water Institute.



مقتل 7 إرهابيين في دوما.. وإحباط محاولة تسلل لـ

Al-Zabadaani:  At the Al-Shalaah Checkpoint, another attempt by Zionist-controlled rodents belonging to the “Southern Front” led by Hawraani weasel retardate, ‘Abdul-Ilaah Al-Basheer, and Nusra trash was sent scurrying back to their master, Lucifer, by NDF and SAA.  All were foreigners (surprise).  I have no names of the 9 killed.


Al-Zabadaani in the East Mountains:  More undesirable detritus was put on Satan’s Waste Management trucks and sent to the Hot Gates.  Monzer reports that scounts counted 6 dead rats.


Al-Tal:  2 rodents were killed and another 5 arrested without a fight.

Ghassaan Baddoor

Muhammad ‘Umar Al-Da’aass


Khaan Al-Shaykh:  Continuous fighting with 14 killed and 13 wounded.  Numerous weapons were seized for distribution to our thousands of new NDF members.


Aaliya Farms:  We’re getting warmer as we search for the EMPEROR OF RATS, Zahraan ‘Alloosh, in this area.  Yesterday, 5 of his rodents joined the queue waiting for the next Particle Accelerator in Hades.  No names.


Qaarra Foothills at the Lebanese border:  A nest of rats who are neither in this place or that, was destroyed completely by SAAF.  No details.


Ra`s Al-Ma’arra: At the Lebanese border.  Ditto.


Doumaa:  7 skunks were killed and 18 others wounded critically at the Tishreen School near Martyrs’ Square.  Big loss to rodent army.

Monzer writes that the fighting in Damascus has diminished considerably.  Rat morale is way down.

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