استهداف سيارة فان بمن فيها بدرعا.. وتدمير عدة آليات للإرهابيين في ريف القنيطرة

Al-Manshiyya Quarter:  v since the Ramtha/Der’ah/Daa’el corridor is now stopped.

The rats were desperate to prevent this from happening and launched at least 9 attacks using suicide bombers to break the line of defenses at Al-Manshiyya especially at these locations: Al-Masri Roundabout, Al-Bihaar cemetery, the Hotel Management College, Old Customs Road and Al-Bajaabija Quarter.  All failed miserably.  From August 10 until today, the SAA has confirmed killing 268 terrorists from the Nusra organization with wounded in the high hundreds – all being treated in Jordan and the Golan by the Zionist terrorism enablers.  In addition to this, the SAA has destroyed 12 tunnels dug deeply the area now defended by the legitimate forces of the Syrian government.


Jaassem to Inkhil:  A convoy emerging from Jordan under the noses of the Jordanian authorities was annihilated by SAAF on Tuesday. I have no stats for the action.


SyriaTel HQ: Terrorists tried to infiltrate from here into the city but lost 9 litter-mates to the SAA which successfully defended their position.


Fighting reported here: East Al-Ghaariya, Nawaa, Al-Lijaat, Al-Muzayreeb


East Khirbat Ghazaala:  16 terrorists from the Nusra group were killed here:

  • ‘Adnaan Al-Shaykh
  • ‘Umar Abu-Raashid
  • Qaassem Al-Madani 

I have no other names.  Monzer writes the rest were foreigners.


Al-Kassaara on the Simleen/Zimreen Road: Fighting with no details.


Al-Baq’ah North:  An attack on a checkpoint in the Tafass area was repulsed.

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