THE SYRIAN ARMY HAS COMPLETELY LIBERATED THESE 4 VILLAGES IN THE GOLAN HEIGHTS WRESTING THEM AWAY FROM THE ZIONIST TRAINED AND SUPPORTED SAVAGES UNDER THE LEADERSHIP OF THE TRAITOR AND RAT, ‘ABDUL-ILAAH AL-BASHEER.  The villages are: Tal Al-Kuroom, Al-Rawaadhi, Jibbaa, Al-Jayyaah.  In the case of the last village, the SAA has not entered it, but, has artillery control over it and its environs.


Al-Qunaytra Crossing:  This relatively unimportant nexus on the Golan is being pounded now by SAA artillery.  There are rat casualties reported although no details have come in.


Bayt Saaber:  An attempted infiltration by rats into Al-Najaar Farms was defeated by SAA when a convoy was completely destroyed causing many trucks loaded with arms to list and fall to the side of the road.  The salvageable weapons will be given to NDF for killing Obama’s rats.


Umm Baatina Mosque: Another convoy whose movement was coordinated with the one at Bayt Saaber was also destroyed.


Al-Ruwayhana/Umm Al-Fattaam Axis:  The SAA engaged in a firefight with Al-Basheer’s vermin and killed 9 with many surrendering.  I have no names.


Bi`r ‘Ajam:  A pickup with 23mm cannons was destroyed with all 3 rats aboard sent to Hell:

‘Abdul-‘Azheem Abu Fawwaaz

Jihaad Sirhaan

Mahmoud Al-Farraa


Rasm ‘Ali Al-‘Abdullah:  The SAA destroyed another pickup with a 23mm cannon and killed all 4 aboard.  No names.


Fighting also reported in these areas: Rasm Al-Khawaaled, Rasm Al-Hawr, ‘Ayn Al-Darb, behind the Old Church in Qunaytra City.




Dr. Rick Staggenborg has sent me the absolutely correct link to the interview conducted with me last Saturday:

Michael in Strasbourg sends this compelling article about Obama the Liar, Obama the Hypocrite, Obama the Loser:

John Esq. sends this thorough article about the covert origins of ISIS.  No surprises, but, nicely done:

John Esq. sends another comment about U.S. sharing of Intel with Dr. Assad’s legitimate government:

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