تضييق الخناق على الإرهابيين في المليحة.. وعدد منهم يسلمون أنفسهم في بيت سحم



Al-Maleeha Farms:  The noose is tightening rapidly.  Zahraan ‘Alloosh’s numerous efforts to break into Al-Maleeha have failed.  Just yesterday, his last effort to break the siege at the northern entryway near the Tamico Pharmaceutical Complex collapsed.  He simply does not have the rat-power to break the SAA’s iron grip on the area.  SAA has confirmed that whole blocks once infested with rodents have been cleared as many are surrendering or dying of exposure to heat, starvation or untreated wounds.


Zibdeen and Jisreen:  More of ‘Alloosh’s failed tactics.  The SAA blunted 3 separate attacks which were clearly efforts to establish salients in these areas just around Al-Maleeha.  SAA killed 12 rats belonging to the Jaysh Al-Islam.


Jisreen Junction:  Many Alloosh hyenas sent to Hell yesterday as they tried to break the siege around Al-Maleeha only to lose these litter-mates:

  • Kamaal Al-Qaarri
  • Salmaan Al-Jundi
  • ‘Abdul-Sattaar Al-Khawjaa
  • Haatem Al-Masri
  • Jihaad Sabbaagh
  • Muhammad Jum’ah

Another 13 could not be identified.


Al-Nishaabiyya Farms: SAAF strafed these rats and killed 23:

  • Khaaled Abu-Hameeda
  • Rabee’ Al-Doomaani
  • ‘Abduh Qaaroot
  • Marwaan Al-Taweel
  • Mustafaa Hussayn
  • Ihsaan Dabboos


‘Al-‘Aaliya Farms in Doumaa:  ‘Alloosh is still holed up here and is giving wretched instructions to his underlings while taking a bogwash himself.  Yesterday, both here and at Al-Shifooniyya, the SAA reduced ‘Alloosh’s forces by over 40 in separate SAA assaults:

  • Raateb Al-Habboosh
  • Raateb Al-Rayyis
  • Faarooq Sadreddeen Al-Maloohi
  • Muhyi-Al-Deen ‘Abdul-Naafi’
  • Suhayl ‘Afreet

Another 4 could not be identified.


Misraaba and Shifooniyya Farms: More fighting without details.

An image of the SAA bogwashing ‘Alloosh in his own private outhouse in Doumaa


Magharr Al-Meer:  The rats are down to no more than 100 here as they tenaciously abide despite horrific losses.  Look for mass surrender in this area.


Al-Darakhbiyya Village:  SAA and NDF assaulted compromised fortifications here and killed 8 rats, almost all foreign:

  • ‘Aatif Qaddoora


Khaan Al-Shaykh:  SAA concentrating forces here for weeks in an effort to dislodge ‘Alloosh’s remaining rodents.  Evidence is mounting that the vermin are not respecting ‘Alloosh’ orders and conducting their own operations.  Fighting reported at these locations:

Agricultural Institute, Liquor Distillery on Al-Salaam Highway


Khaan Al-Shaykh/Al-‘Abbaasiyya/Zaakiya Junction:  a van loaded with 8 rodents was destroyed.  All the terrorists were determined to be foreigners, mostly Jordanteezians and Palesteezians.


Bayt Sahm:  5 former members of the Rodenta class transmogrified back to human form by surrendering and negotiating a settlement under the Amnesty Law.


Dayr Muqrin:  In a unique tactically brilliant operation, the SAA surrounded, assaulted and killed 32 rodent terrorists near Al-Zabadaani.  The names have not been released, but, it is suggested in Monzer’s note that many were Lebanteezians.



مقتل 22 إرهابياً.. وتدمير مستودع يحتوي أسطوانات غاز معدة للتفجير بريف إدلب


West Al-Husayniyya Farms:  SAA clashed with terrorists. No details.


Jurood ‘Arsaal:  Many attempts by trapped vermin inside Lebanon to escape via unorthodox pathways into the Qalamoon have failed.  The rat-stats are impressive.  However, the environment on the ground is not conducive to assessments.


Daarayyaa:  At the Al-‘Abbaas Mosque, 4 creeping dung beetles were dispatched by NDF.




Fighting with ‘Abdul-Ilaah Al-Basheer Al-Nu’aymi’s Zionist-trained clowns is becoming the rage in the SAA.  The SAA killed many yesterday at: ‘Ajraf, Majdoolyaa, Al-Ruwayhayna, Sa’sa’ (very famous locale for 1973 October War), Husaynu Crossing, Al-Khazarjiyya Farms and Umm Baatina (armor plated vehicle destroyed and all inside incinerated)

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