AL-HASAKA:  The SAAF is bombing the ISIS rodents pitilessly in this area to prevent further build-up of forces to try (again) to overwhelm the defenses at Tabqa AB.  Reinforcements are on the way – and in a big way – to the base as I write.  Yesterday, Monzer reports the SAAF gave an accurate estimate of the number of ISIS rats killed at 196 after surveillance of the area following a spectacular ambush by SAA.

140 قتيلاً في كمين محكم نفذه الجيش السوري ضد إرهابيي

For the last 4 days, SAA spotters detected a force of over 300 terrorists taking positions similar to previous ones seen when a suicide truck driver would be thrust into the perimeter of a base followed by a swarm of pickup trucks with anti-aircraft cannons aboard.  Rather than await the inevitable, the commander at the base used special forces operatives to lace the area, where it was certain the rats would congregate, with landmines.  The SAAF was also alerted to the plan so that even more firepower could be brought to bear.  Yesterday, in the morning, a Saudi Arabian louse and son of an inbred ape mother, Maajed Al-Suhaym, (a/k/a “Abu Haajer”) drove a large armor-plated truck toward the north entry to the Tabqa AB.  He was immediately rendered into ashes with a simultaneous and coordinated firing of 3 Kornet rockets which melted the armor plating.  As the rats moved in behind him, they detonated the mines with their feet and vehicles (see photo above) killing most of most of them.  This was followed by sortee after sortee of Sukhoi bombers and a relentless pounding by artillery which finished off most of the remaining rodents delivering a gigantic defeat to the American and British planners who directed this Waterloo for the Caliph of Crap in Turkey.


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