عملية نوعية ضد وكر للإرهابيين توقع عدداً كبيراً من القتلى في مسرابا

East Misraabaa in the Doumaa area:  It’s getting close to the whiskers now.  The SAA is advancing substantially all over this farm area at Al-‘Aaliya Farms, Shifooniyya and Al’Ibb.  Yesterday, Zahraan ‘Alloosh’s rats took a horrible drubbing from the SAA and NDF losing 34 of their litter-mates.  They died for nothing but nihilism:

  • Saadeq Al-Hawraani
  • Mustafaa Batheesh
  • ‘Umraan Taahaa
  • Muhammad Al-Shinnaawi
  • Saleem Qarsoodi
  • Sa’eed Muhammad
  • Raadhi Al-‘Ishsh
  • ‘Abdullah Saaber
  • Khaldoon Al-‘Asali
  • Sameeh Al-Dahhaan
  • Fakhri Al-Aaghaa
  • Hilmi Al-Shaaker
  • Nidhaal Dhahhaak
  • Najeeb Bakri

I have no other names.


‘Aaliya Farms:  More of the same for the same rodents:

  • ‘Umar Hitaawi
  • Yaaseen Faysal
  • Bashshaar Al-Sabbaagh

Another 4 could not be identified.


‘Adraa Town:  There is evidence of major SAA advances in this area because military intelligence personnel can actually investigate and assess scenes of fighting and take down names of carcasses.  The Jabhat Al-Islam had to note these rats disappearing yesterday:

  • Mas’ood Al-Tahhaan
  • Muhammad ‘Abdul-Ameer
  • Ahmad Al-Durra
  • Talaal Humaydaan
  • ‘Aadel Hamza


There were 6 foreigners in the group who were not identified.


Waadi ‘Ayn Turma:  More devastation for the desperate vermin:

  • ‘Issaam Saalihaani
  • Rushdi Jallaad
  • Muhammad Bilaal


Al-Nishaabiyya Farms deep in the E. Ghouta:  More nihilists went to oblivion, where they belong.  I have no names, but, a significant amount of weapons and ammunition was recovered by the NDF for use in killing Wahhabists.


Al-Maleeha Farms:  A nest of ‘Alloosh’s huddled rats was destroyed.  No details.


West Mountains near Al-Zabadaani:  A large store of weapons and ammunition from Lebanon was recovered by SAA and this one little weasel dispatched:

Abdullah Abu-Shaalla


Bayt Taymaa and Khaan Al-Shaykh all saw some skirmishing, although, by comparison it was very light yesterday.  There are much fewer rats today than before.  They are very demoralized.


Qalamoon at the border with Lebanon:  This is the classic sandwich situation.  Call it a vise, if you will.  They are being devastated in the Lebanon and they have no hope trying to negotiate closed entryways back to Syria.  Yesterday, vague reports came in of many rat casualties at Faaleetaa.  So sad, really.




The City:  At the Bilaal Al-Habashi Mosque, 4 armor-plated trucks, one of which was rigged to explode by a suicide driver were destroyed by the SAA before they could reach a heavily populated area where the Nusra operated a command-and-control center.  It was ISIS acting in the south to hit Nusra.  And the SAA saved Nusra’s bacon (so to speak) in order to save civilian lives.  The operation was going to take place at the Old Customs Building athwart (I know nobody uses that word anymore) the East entryway to the Al-Bajaabija Quarter.    

My readers have read the name Bilaal Al-Habashi Mosque before in many posts about fighting in this southern city.  Bilaal Al-Habashi is a laureled figure in Islam’s history.  He is believed to be the first Muslim and Companion of the Messenger Muhammad to sing out the call to prayer.  He was a Mu’adhdhin.  He was born of Ethiopic parents (hence: “Al-Habashi” meaning from Abyssinia or Ethiopia) and was a slave of an Umayyad owner in Mecca until Islam freed him.  He was the first black African convert to Islam.  His voice was reportedly exceptionally beautiful and his reputation for loyalty to his new religion is incontrovertible.  He is also known as Bilaal bin Rabaah and he died sometime around 638 C.E. and has a tomb in Damascus.



‘Itmaan/Al-Yaadoodaa Road:  2 pickups with 23mm cannons were destroyed.  The papers on the rodents aboard indicated a presence recently in Jordan.  But, of course, the good king wouldn’t know that.  No names.


Inkhil:  At the entrance to the town, a convoy trying to bust in was annihilated and forced to retreat willy-nilly back to the cesspool of origin.  No details.  (This report may be a duplicate of the following.)


Inkhil:  (August 9, 2014):  5 leaders of Nusra were killed here at the entrance to the town as they approached a military checkpoint in 6 armor-plated trucks originating in Thurayyaa.  The SAA destroyed every truck and took 2 mortars into possession for use in killing Wahhabists.


Busraa Al-Shaam:  An attempted assault on a military checkpoint went nowhere.  SAA killed 5 rats.  No names.


Nawaa/Tal-Al-Jaabiya Road:  6 cars and 3 motorcycles went to Old Scratch’s Recycling Center in Hell when the SAA sprung a trap for these ignorant yokels.  I have no details.


Fighting reported here: Simleen Mosque area, Qayta Road, Al-Jeeza, Umm Walad, Al-Ba’yaat in Al-Lijaat, West Al-Khazzaan in Al-Karak, Maleehat Al-‘Atsh/Al-Hiraak Road, Inkhil/Jaassem Road, Tal Al-Mahss East, East of the SyriaTel Tower.


‘Aqraba:  An attempted infiltration into SAA-controlled Umm Al-‘Awsaj met with a sudden and violent response which sent the assaulting rats back to their haven in Jordan’s biggest main sewer.  No details.




Nice synopsis of what Ziad has been saying for 3 and 1/2 years:




















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