مقتل متزعم

ALEPPO: The TabqaAB is not all that important when compared to the Dayr El-Zor AB.  Both are close to one another, so, a redeployment of defensive forces from Tabqa to DZAB is not a momentous occasion.  If anything, the ISIS takeover of the former is a morale booster for them, only.  But the Kuwayris AB is very important and the SAA is wasting no time in reinforcing its positions and bringing in much more modern and devastating equipment.  Over the last week, ISIS has tried numerous suicide bombings near the airbase.  They have all failed miserably.  The SAA has developed new tactics for dealing with armored trucks loaded with TNT and enhancers.  Of course, the most important advance here is the ability to identify such trucks and to immediately disable them.

In an effort to outflank the SAA, ISIS, with the help of Turk and Zionist handlers, have opted for multiple layers of armor to slow down the devastating effects of the SAA’s vaunted anti-tank rocket units.  If they can delay the “stopping” qualities of a Kornet, those valuable nano-seconds will enable a suicide driver (who is supposed to die anyway) to breach SAA defenses and explode his truck well before he is rendered into so many billions of atoms.  The SAAF is now deeply involved in taking out these battering rams from the air with very precise laser-guided missiles.


Whenever we listed Rasm Al-‘Abbood as an area of battle, it always had to do with Nusra attempts to take over or degrade the Kuwayris AB.   Today, ISIS (a Qatari-funded, Turk-Zionist manipulated group) has dislodged Nusra (a pure Saudi/Bandar/U.S.  invention) and is trying to overrun Kuwayris.   ISIS will have to deal with the 4th Mechanized Armored Division (an independent security branch of Syria’s First Army Corps) led by Maj. Gen. Maaher Al-Assad, the president’s brother.  It is equipped with the newest T-82 front-line battle tanks and has the complete attention of Lt. Gen. ‘Issaam Hallaaq, the SAAF chief.  There is already evidence that ISIS is preparing a massive assault on the base with forces it has never heretofore concentrated in one area.  The estimates are in excess of 30,000 rats.

Yesterday, for reasons puzzling to us for the absence of SANA coverage, ISIS tried a frontal assault on the base which was repelled decisively by SAA and SAAF.  The number of dead, according to Wael, exceeds 200, but, such estimates are based on aerial assessment.   The SAAF and SAA also destroyed a confirmed 16 pickups with 23mm cannons along with some armored vehicles.  As I write, the SAAF is conducting sorties over ISIS positions, strafing them constantly to keep them off guard and to denigrate their capabilities.  Obama is helping ISIS, incidentally, by relaying satellite Intel to the Turks or Zionists who relay the information to Turkish agents liaised with ISIS.  How do we know this?  Wael writes that his sources say they are picking up coded communications identifying sources – some of which are American.  We told you Obama is a war criminal.

Air Force Academy and Infantry Academy:  The SAA and NDF have succeeded in battering Nusra forces trying to enter these areas.  The number of dead vultures is 64.  It is now clear to all who follow this war that the number of enemy combatants is far in excess of 100,000 and may be closer to 150,000+ because the losses they are sustaining are devastating (if not enervating) to any military force.   The attrition rate among Nusra is 40% —- unsustainable.  It’s even more with ISIS.


Khaan Al-‘Asal:  Constant skirmishing.  The SAA is unwilling to devote a sufficient number of assault forces to finally dismember the Nusra-affiliated groups operating here.


Khaan Toomaan: (Under total SAA control)  SAA killed 8 rats here the day before yesterday, all but one being foreign:

Suhayl Al-‘Ali


Fighting here: Daaret ‘Izza, Arshaaf, Al-Shaykh Lutfi, Central Prison area, Umm Al-Quraa, Hayyaan, Maar’i, Kafr Karmeen, Al-Shuqayf, Al-Sukkari Quarter, Al-Zabadiyya Quarter, West of the Free Trade Zone, Bani Zayd, Al-Ansaari Quarter, Old Aleppo, Al-Layramoon, Aghyoor Roundabout.


Al-Nayrab AB:  This is attached to the Aleppo International Airport.  Some fighting there yesterday mostly to scare off travelers.  2 pickups with 2 23mm cannons were destroyed.  No rat-stats available.


In the following areas the SAA has confirmed destruction of many flatbeds with 23mm cannons: Hanaanu, Handaraat Camp, Huraytaan, Kafr Hamraa. 



تناحر مخابراتي في درعا.. مراسل الجزيرة يقتل مسؤولاً عسكرياً في

This isQays Al-Qataa’ina. (See photo above)  He was shot to death by an Al-Jazeera reporter who suspected the Nusra sociopath was going to kill him.   He figured it out after Al-Qataa’ina had him stuffed unceremoniously in the trunk of a car.  This bloated yokel headed a Nusra group called “Alwiyat Al-‘Umari” (It means the brigades of the Al-‘Umari Mosque in Der’ah. Yawn.)  It is also linked to the Jabhat Thuwwaar Sooriyya Fi Al-Qitaa’ Al-Janoobi (The Front for Syrian Revolutionaries in the Southern Sector, yawn squared).


Jaassem to Inkhil Road:  Several cars carrying rats were destroyed.  No details.


Sijna in the city:  3 nests of rats were invaded by SAA and exterminated.  No details.


Skirmishing reported here:  Simleen/Zimreen Junction, Al-Manaasher east of ‘Itmaan, Art Institute. 



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