Abu Zhuhoor Air Base:  Desperate for any accomplishment, the Nusra terrorists tried once again to invade this large airbase, but, were pummeled by the very well-armed defense forces inside.  It did not stop there, however, according to our sources, the colonel in charge ordered his forces to pursue the defeated vermin around the perimeter and to the village by the same name.  They did more than merely pursue; they killed 44 Nusra rats, most of whom were non-Syrians:

‘Abdul-Haleem Al-Nawbaani

Mustafaa Dayyoob

Nijmeddeen Al-Raashid

‘Amr ‘Awadhallah

“Abu Hilaal” (Id pending)

Talaal Al-Fishsha

Ibraaheem Al-Ma’tooq

Mahmoud Haddaad

Husni Al-Shaykh

No other names were sent


Al-Baraagheeti Village:  Fighting with no details.


Al-Shabeeba (Youth) Barracks:  A large cache of weapons and ammunition was uncovered and seized.  In doing so, the SAA triggered a response from a remnant pack of drug-addled rodents who were promptly killed or wounded.  I have no details about this yet.


Ma’ar-Baleet Village:  Many killed and wounded here by NDF and SAA.  No names have arrived.


Leith posted this picture of 2 Assyrian sisters protecting their village from Obama’s savages in ISIS. Bully for them.




City area:  Fighting reported at Al-Nu’ayma, Al-Hamza Mosque, Al-‘Abbaas, Kataakeet Building, Al-Masri Roundabout, Suwaydaan Quarter, South of Jordan St., Umm Al-Daraj, Al-Baneen School to the south 


Khirbat Sirghaayaa:  Infiltration into Zimreen area foiled. No details.


Khuraab Al-Shahm:  An attempted infiltration into a suburb of Al-Yarmouk was foiled on August 16, 2014.

Sameer ‘Abdullah

Faysal Danaadisha

Husni Al-Shaykh


Al-Thurayyaa Hill in Nawaa:  Fighting with no details.


Al-Hiraak at the Old Mosque: Ditto.


Al-Yaadoodaa in the direction of Tal Al-Za’tar:  SAA ambush nets 5 terrorists.  No names.


Khirbat Al-Teera:  Attack on an SAA outpost was abandoned after the SAA fired back with a vengeance.


Tal Al-‘Alaaqiyya in Al-Lijaat:  Hopelessly outgunned, a pack of rats is exterminated:

‘Imaad Qatroon

Muhsin Al-Reeshaawi

Sufyaan ‘Abdul-Raheem

Another 7 could not be identified and are believed to be foreigners.


Basr Al-Hareer:  Fighting with no details.


Simleen in the direction of Jidyaa southwest of Al-Yaadoodaa:  Skirmishing with no details.


Abu-Hajjaar northeast of Al-Taff in Al-Lijaat:  A van filled with rodents was incinerated by alert SAA infantry.  All occupants were foreigners, Palesteezians and Jordanteezians.


West of Umm Al-‘Awsaj:  3 vans and 8 motorcycles were destroyed by the SAA backed by NDF.  The number killed was 14 with 9 taken prisoners.  Many escaped on foot.


More fighting in the city:  It should be obvious that the SAA is planning a total clean-up of Der’ah city.  Fighting intense here:  North of the Bilaal Al-Habashi Mosque, Sijnat Al-Qadeem Quarter, Black Castle in Al-Bajaabija, Stone Cutting Factory west of ‘Itmaan, Al-Jeeza, Qayta/Inkhil Road, Ma’raba. 




John Esq. sends this incisive article about Iraq, hyporcrisy and the inevitability of imperialism:

John Esq. sends another great article, this time from Pepe about Iraq:

Jimmy Carter said it once before, and now, Global Research is saying the same thing:

Obama’s failures in foreign policy are best brought out by Pat Buchanan in this article that almost had me laughing:

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