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News about Der’ah has been accumulating on my desk.  I will start with the latest news and go back to August 20, 2014.  I am sorry about my seeming indolence, but, it’s not for want of energy.  As the SAA continues to hammer at the rats in the south, I will be probably revealing the Big Surprise soon enough.  I also have to apologize because I’m not responding to readers like I used to.  The problem is the wonderfully large number of comments which come in and which I read very regularly.  My only problem is the time it takes to respond.  I will try to do a better job in the future.


Summaaqiyyaat:  (Famous for its sumac seeds)  The SAA has killed a major Nusra leader in Der’ah Province by detonating a land mine under his car when he was seated inside playing PacMan on his Ipad.  The rat is named Maalek Samaadi (Mr. Fertilizer).  This incident occurred 2 weeks ago.


Jaassem to Inkhil Road:  4 vehicles carrying rodents were all put to flames by alert SAA gunners.  No details.


East Al-Manaasher east of ‘Itmaan:  Fighting with no details.


The Hatchery near Simleen/Zimreen Junction:  5 Nusra rodents killed. No names.


Der’ah City:  At the Art Institute and Al-Jeeza Town.  Fighting with no details.


August 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 2014:


Al-Nu’ayma:  2 vans loaded with rats and weapons were destroyed.


Abaazeed Water Storage:  A pickup with 23mm cannon was destroyed in the Al-Arba’een Quarter.  2 rats killed.


East of ‘Aqraba on Kafr Naasij Road:  The SAA killed 13 Nusra rodents and destroyed 7 motorcycles.

‘Afeef Mustafaa ‘Abdul-Salaam

Mustafaa Hishaam Da’bool

No other names available.


Simleen/Inkhil Junction:  A terrorist on a motorcycle was told to stop.  When he tried to evade arrest, he was killed.  No name.


Khuraab Al-Shahm:  A pack of rats was eliminated roundly by SAA.  8 rats killed and 2 taken prisoner.


East of Al-Baq’ah:  An attack on an SAA checkpoint failed and 2 rats were killed.


Fighting here:  Al-Beetaar Farms west of Tafass, ‘Itmaan, East of the grain silos in Al-Yadoodaa, North Tal Al-Za’tar, Jadal/Al-Shiyyaah Junction, East Daa’el, Al-Hiraak, Inkhil, Nawaa.  City:  Jordan Avenue, SyriaTel Towers and Old Customs Building West. 

August 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 2014:


Hawsh Al-Shareed in Al-Lijaat: Fighting with no details.

‘Itmaan:  Ditto.

East Al-Safh in the direction of Greater Tal Mutawwaq near Al-Zakwaani complex, fighting with no details.


Al-Shawmara:  2 convoys of trucks and pickups were destroyed by SAAF.


Al-Nu’ayma:  A vehicle with terrorists was destroyed.


Fighting here:  Rusoom Al-Mudawwara, Rusoom Al-Daraja, NW of Al-Tayyiba, Al-Hiraak, NE of Tal Al-Jaabiya (pickup destroyed), Simleen west of Al-Khazzaan, Al-Sa’di Farms in Inkhil, Dayr Daamaa, ‘Itmaan/Daa’el Road, Al-Bi’yaat School in Al-Lijaat, Khuraab Al-Shahm Road, North Al-Beetaar Farms on Tafass/’Itmaan Road, Al-Yaadoodaa/’Itmaan Road, ‘Itmaan north of Stone Quarry, Umm Al-Mayaadhen 


Tal Al-Za’tar:  An attack on a checkpoint was defeated when a smart SAA gunner detonated a car rigged to explode and driven by a suicide driver.


Khirbat Ghazaala:  2 pickup with 23mm cannons were put down.  No other details.




Another example of fabrication and lying by the Forces of Evil.  I’m no friend of the MB, but, I truly despise these Zionists. Very technical article exposes Zionist tricks. Hope you understand it:


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