Waadi Baradaa:  Near Baseema Village.  A stunningly expert operation by an army that is now becoming the leader in anti-insurgency warfare.  Last night, the SAA, backed by helicopter gunships, NDF and Special Operations Forces, assaulted a position housing mostly foreign rodents belonging to the Nusra group and killed 33 of them while destroying a pickup with a 23mm cannon.  Only 4 were Syrians:

  • Murshid ‘Abbaasi
  • “Abu Haftar Al-Afghaani” (AFGHAN RAT LITTER)
  • Fawwaaz Quraabi
  • Dhayfullaah Shammaama
  • Khaaled ‘Abdullah Al-Hayyaan (KUWATI BAT URINE DROP)
  • Hafeezh Iqbaal ‘Ali (BANGLA-DESHI CAT SPUTUM)
  • Rasheed Zurqut

I have no other names.


Al-Mushrifa on the Lebanese border:  On Sunday, the SAA confirmed the killing of prominent Tripoli rat feces merchant “Abu Ahmad Al-Raafi’iy”, a/k/a “Abu Yaasser”.  He left his work with a charity called “Al-Bashaa`ir” and joined the Holy War of Terrorism.  He is a relative of prominent Tripolitan Saddamist, Dr. ‘Abdul-Majeed Al-Raafi’iy, who would never condone the actions of these gangsters posing as devout Muslims.  While I am a severe critic of Saddam’s Ba’ath, I must show respect to Dr. Al-Raafi’iy for all the free medical treatment he gave to Palestinians in the Nahr Al-Baared and Baddaawi Camps.


Al-Mushrifa today:  Hundreds of terrorists are desperate to enter Syria after the warm welcome given by the Lebanese traitor and former president, Michel Sulaymaan, has worn off.  Reports are that 7 rats were killed by SAA snipers.


Ra`s Al-Ma’arra and Al-Jibba: Both saw panicked rats trying to infiltrate into Syria.  SAA artillery exterminated them.


Khaan Al-Shaykh:  At Al-Zuhoor St. and near the distillery (Ziad’s favorite location), the SAA killed 5 rats foraging for garbage:

  • ‘Abdul-Rahmaan Mudawwar
  • Ihsaan Zhareef
  • Muhammad Lutfallah

The other 2 were not named.


Zaakiya Village:  Skirmishing with no details.


Al-Kiswa: At the cemetery.  A perfect place for dead terrorists.  So convenient and so polite of them.  2 killed and 8 taken prisoner.


Doumaa:  At the Corniche and Al-Hijaariyya Quarter, the “Tanzeem Liwaa` Al-Islam” (yawn) took a big hit when it lost its only leader:

‘Abu Dajaana” (Id pending)


Al-Zabadaani in the East Mountains:  The Nusra group took another painful hit when its leader in the area was sent by FTD Florist to the rump end of Hell:

  • Radhwaan Al-Namoos


Al-Zabadaani Plains:  More slime from Arabia flushed down the drain:



Al-Zabadaani at the Hurayra Mountains:  Many rats killed or wounded here:

  • Muhammad Fu`aad Safiyya
  • Khayreddeen Hassan-‘Ali
  • Nidhaal Al-Hayyaani
  • Haseeb Daftardaar
  • Baassel ‘Abdullah Yaasmeena

Another 12 could not be identified.



44 former skunks surrendered their weapons and themselves yesterday to security officials in exchange for Amnesty. (SANA)


Al-Maleeha Farms:  To the east and south:  26 confirmed dead rats belonging to ‘Alloosh’s hapless runt pack.  It was at the Aseel Factory up to 16th Street.  I have no names.


Waadi ‘Ayn Turmaa:  Confirmed 14 rats killed here.  I have no names.


Al-Hajar Al-Aswad:  11 terrorists killed here. All were foreigners:

  • Abu Al-Yamaan Al-Tunisi (TUNISIAN TOAD TUBERCULE)


Harastaa:  At the Secondary Roundabout and east of the Police Infirmary, 2 vans loaded with rats were detonated by RPGs fired by NDF.  All rats incinerated.  Harastaa is becoming interesting because the Syrian rats inside want to surrender to the SAA to allow citizens to return.  This agreement is being foiled by the unwillingness of some to acknowledge their holding of 35 hostages and the fact that the foreigners, who have no expectation of salvation, are deliberately scuppering the plan.  We will keep watch over these negotiations.


‘Aaliya Farms:  ‘Alloosh’s Alamo.  The SAA killed these:

  • “Abu Al-Wurood” (Id pending)
  • Ahmad ‘Izzu Al-Malhaan
  • Waa`il Jalaal ‘Issmaat

Another 2 were not identified.


Jawbar:  At the Central Corniche and east of the Al-Manaasher Roundabout.  Fighting with no details.


QUNAYTRA:  10 have surrendered in exchange for Amnesty.

Fighting in these areas: Bi`r ‘Ajam and Al-Judayda.  In both battles the SAA destroyed pickups with 23mm cannons.  I have no details.




I have a lot about Der’ah for tomorrow’s post.  But, get a look at this skunk son of a rat by the name of Shareef Al-Safoori who leads a group called “Liwaa` Al-Haramayn Al-Shareefayn” (yawn. It means the “Brigade of the Two Noble Meccan Sanctuaries”) in Der’ah.  He was just posted by Nusra on Youtube admitting he met with Zionist officers on 5 occasions in Palestine and that the Zionist assistance has now gone from medical assistance to open military support.  For those of you out there who support this Nusra group of criminals, I ask you this:  Have you no shame?  May God damn you to Hell!! ZAF

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