Lt. General, Fahd Jaassem Al-Furayj, Defense Minister and Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Armed Forces reviews his victorious troops in Al-Maleeha after its liberation.  He promised a complete cleansing of Syria.



Khaan Al-Shaykh:  In 2 areas of this town, Al-Midhakhkha and Al-Sundus, there were 2 attempts by Nusra to infiltrate which were repelled.  I have no details about rodent casualties.


Khaan Al-Shaykh:  East of the Al-Salaam Highway, an attempt by Nusra terrorists to attack a military checkpoint ended in disaster when the SAA and NDF tightened their defensive lines with seemingly magical ability borne of 3 years of intense fighting and destroyed 6 pickups with 23mm cannons.  The number of dead rats is 28 with 10 taken prisoner in various health conditions.


Irbeen:  A warehouse defended by Nusra/Al-Qaeda freaks was invaded by the SAA.  The rats fought back ineptly and were annihilated:

  • ‘Abu Hamza” (Id pending)
  • Daawood Al-Jabal  
  • Taahaa Tabbaana
  • ‘Abdul-Ameer Shadeed
  • ‘Umar Safsaaf
  • Mu’tazz Al-Masri

Another 4 could not be identified.



Al-Shifooniyya Farms: In Doumaa.  The SAA continued to eradicate the vestiges of the ‘Alloosh group:

  • Ahmad Al-‘Adas
  • Muhammad Saalihaani

Another 3 could not be identified.


Fighting in these areas: Zibdeen, Hutaytat Al-Jarash, Jawbar (many rats killed), Jisreen.


Waadi ‘Ayn Turmaa:  SAA wiped out an entire pack of rats belonging to the Nusra terrorist group supported by hypocrite Obama:

  • ‘Abdul-Samad Kharfaan
  • “Abu Mukhtaar” (Id pending.  LIBYAN MONKEY SPUNK)
  • Qaassem Mashlab
  • Muhammad Al-‘Ataa`
  • Ma’roof Rabaabiyaa
  • Sidqi Al-‘Aani

Another 5 could not be identified and are believed to be foreigners.


Al-Mushrifa and Ra`s Al-Ma’arra: On the Lebanese border where terrorists are desperate to enter Syria at any cost:

  • Muhammad As’ad Bakr
  • Ahmad Durra


تدمير مستودع للذخيرة في عربين.. ومقتل عدد من الإرهابيين في مزارع دوما

Al-Zabadaani:  In the Hurayra Mountains, the SAA killed this ape:

  • Hussayn ‘Abduh Shibli


Dayr Maaker in the West Ghoutaa:  Fighting with no details.


Durooshaa:  An attempted infiltration was repelled by NDF.


Between Al-Tayyiba and Wa’rat Zaakiya:  A large number of rodents were dispatched by the SAA here.  But, I have received no details.


It appears that the Nusra terrorist organization has put out a reward for the capture or assassination of the chief of the Jaysh Al-Islam, Zahraan ‘Alloosh.  Humiliated by the SAA in Al-Maleeha, he has sent out requests for Saudi intervention to heal the breach between his group and Nusra.  His father, a Wahhabist rat-cleric in Arabia, has been in touch with the Bandar Bushies to try and get their support.  ‘Alloosh has reportedly doubled his personal guard in anticipation of an assassination attempt probably from compromised members of his own group.  SyrPer has the feeling this rat may have reached his natural lifetime limits.


SyrPer is offering a full lifetime membership in the DENSA Group for anyone who manages to put a bullet in this rat’s brain.

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