Aleppo is beginning to look more and more like Homs.  We are seeing a complete encirclement finally as the SAA has now occupied critical junctions and roadways in Al-Layramoon giving it artillery control over traffic that normally brought reinforcements and resupply to the terrorist criminals.  Watch how the place names of the battles is noticeably changing as the SAA continues to force relocations, more so now to the Turk border.


Al-Shuqayf:  SAA cleared out a pack of rats.  I have no details.

Tallaaleen:  A village that is infested with rodents belonging to the Nusra group.  It is being cleaned out now.  Intercepted communications indicate the rat hierarchy is interested in vacating this area before the SAA’s anticipated big push.

Sawraan:    No details about SAA and NDF action here.  Yesterday, it is reported the SAA surrounded a small group of rats and killed 2 of them.  Both were foreigners.

Al-Zurba:  No relation to the Greek musical.  6 hyenas killed here yesterday.

  • Daawood Fathullaah
  • ‘Abdul-Samad Al-Raa’iy
  • Ameen Jawaad
  • The other 3 were not identified.


Daabiq:  SAA relentless here as more and more citizens are cooperating and demanding freedom from rats.  Town is surrounded.

Turkmaan Baarih:  See map for location.  This town is pro-rat for the most part.  But the rodents are packing up and leaving.  Expect the SAA to enter in the next few days.

Al-Haajj Bridge:  Skirmishing with rats trying to rig a car with an IED.  No details.


‘Abla:  SAA killed these yesterday:

  • Mu’aadh Al-Hassan
  • ‘Abdul-Lateef Ghabaara
  • Ma`moon Al-Tarraaz
  • Muhammad Al-Noori

Arshaaf:  Fighting been going on here for at least 6 days.  We are seeing airpower deployed with bombers running sorties at Al-Raqqa and returning to help here.

Taadef:  Another area with intense fighting.  I have no details.

Qastal Haraamiy:  (Thief’s waterpipe).  This out-of-the-way location is now very much in-the-way as the SAA and SAAF continue to smash rat positions.

Khaan Al-‘Asal: Confirmed.  5 Toyota pickup trucks, 3 of which were armed with 23mm cannons were destroyed and 19 rats killed in the process:

  • Qurashi ‘Ali ‘Abdul-Naasser (BANGLADESHI FREAK OF NATURE)
  • Ihsaan Faakhoori
  • Nizaar Muhammad
  • Hammood Ibraaheem
  • The rest were not named and are certainly foreign.

Fighting reported in these areas: Al-Husaamiyya, Al-‘Uwayja, Al-Manaasher, Khaan Toomaan, Old City, Al-Mallaah Properties, Al-Haydariyya, Manbij

Handaraat Camp:  Very intense battle going on with the SAA deploying large amounts of artillery to break the rat fortifications.  There may be a breakthrough sometime soon.

Anadaan:  The key to the control of city of Aleppo.  Yesterday, a pack of rodents in a pickup with 23mm cannons were atomized:

  • Wadhdhaah Faaris
  • The other 4 were not named.


Ayyaash Town:  Near Al-Hujayf:  At the Broadcast Station.  An ISIS degenerate was seen suspiciously approaching SAA troops who were armed with RPGs.  He road a van loaded with TNT and C-4.  He received a RPG rocket at the center and self-detonated.  This occurred on August 15, 2014.

Fighting reported in these areas:  Al-Sinaa’ah Quarter, Al-Rushdiyya Quarter, Al-Huwayqa Quarter, all in DZ City.  Al-Jubayla, Al-‘Urfi Quarter near the Al-Siyaasiyya Bridge, Huwayjaat Kaati’.     



‘Aqrab Road:  3 IEDs dismantled.




تدمير 5 سيارات مزودة برشاشات ثقيلة بمن فيها من الإرهابيين في خان العسل بحلب

Al-Hijja:  A pickup with 23mm cannon destroyed.

‘Ayn Al-Darb:  In the direction of Kammoona Village, ‘Abdul-Ilaah Al-Basheer’s vermin were wiped out to the tune of 11 rats.  No names as the area is too dangerous to assess.

Hareema Village:  A nest of rodents affiliated with the Zionist Settler State were eradicated.

‘Ayn Al-Baydhaa:  An attempted infiltration by Zionist terrorists into Al-Amal Farms was disrupted by SAA.  No details.



Old Al-Wa’er:  An attempted penetration into Al-Wa’er Orchards was repelled by NDF.  A reported 3 rats now are being absorbed as fertilizer.

Al-Wa’er: At Blocks 5 and 6.  SAA and security killed an undisclosed number of criminals.

Al-Ghajar area in the direction of Jabbooreen/Umm Sharshooh.  Some skirmishing.

South and North ‘Ayn Al-Hussayn:  Attempted redeployments of rats to ‘Ayn Al-Danaaneer was a total flop.  Rats are trying to reinforce in Talbeesa before the late summer assault expected by the SAA.

Al-Ghouta (Homs): At the Al-Muhandiseen (Engineers’) Road.  Skirmishing.

Al-Barghootiyya:  24 terrorists belonging to Nusra were sent to Hell today.  No other details are readily available.

Fighting in these areas:  North Umm Al-Reesh, Al-Wudhayhi, Between ‘Unq Al-Hawaa and Ruhoom, ‘Aqrab, Al-Hoolaa near the Municipal Center.

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