To demonstrate the progress made on many fronts by the Syrian government, this scene depicts medical supplies arriving at the once-terrorist-occupied town of Al-Manbij in Aleppo Province.  (August 8, 2014)  The amount of supplies are sufficient to keep hospitals operating for 3 months, according to the city’s health director.


Kuwayris Airbase:  ISIS tried to do what Nusra could not.  On Saturday morning, the SAA confirmed that a large-scale assault by the U.S.-supported Saudi-finance rats of ISIS was repelled with fighting continuing now in the area of ‘Azzaan Mountain, Khaan Toomaan (SAA controlled), ‘Azeeza Village and the area of Al-Shaykh Sa’eed.  The ISIS effort was described by Wael as a “complete failure”.  The number of terrorists is estimated at over 100 but there are no detailed assessments at this time.



Baab Al-Nassr:  In  the city.  The NDF spotted a nest of Nusra rodents operating and alerted SAA.  The area was soon covered with infantry and security personnel.  There were 7 rats in the cell and all were killed defending their horde of Captagon pills and assorted drugs:

  • Muhseen Mahsoob
  • ‘Ali Daftardaar
  • ‘Abdul-Khaaleq ‘Awsaji
  • Nabeel Muhammad

The other 3 were not named.


Fighting reported here:  Hanaanu, Al-Marja, Arshaaf, Al-Mansoora, Free Trade Zone, Al-Baab, Dayr Haafer, Al-Na’naa’iy Square, Dayr Haafer, Maskana, Handaraat Camp, Al-Baab, Al-Sha’aar, Opthamology Hospital, Aleppo Citadel, Marraan, Balaat, Old City.




Salaahuddeen:  The SAA uncovered a 100m long tunnel with real rodents inside.  When ordered to surrender, they muterred some ersatz Islamic mantra and opened fire.  The captain on the scene ordered the rats buried alive since they were given adequate opportunity to give themselves up.  I have not received any word on how many vermin were inside and how many perished.


Al-Nayrab:  A pickup with 23mm cannon was wiped out the day before yesterday.  3 rats killed.


Al-Maysar (var: Al-Muyassar): Another pickup went to the junk yard.  No more details.



Note:  There is a lot of talk about negotiations between the SAA and remnant rodents in the city.  The talk is about an orderly withdrawal from Layramoon, Al-Raashideen and Bani Zayd.  Much optimism here.  Don’t be surprised if elements of Nusra which are now starving don’t give it all up in exchange for Amnesty or a free ticket to the Turk border.

N.B. #2:  We reported the brilliant citizen action against ISIS yesterday in Dayr El-Zor.  What we did not know was that the citizens killed over 100 rats.  Some ISIS rats were executed by the angered villagers who have watched these apostates deliver nothing more than death and ignorance to Syria.  The SAA is evaluating the scene.



Does this surprise any of you?

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