A photo from SANA of the southern entrance to the city of Al-Hasaka

AL-HASAKA CITY:  All routes into and out of this major provincial capital are now closed to ISIS and all other rodent affiliates.  It is the Ba’ath Party which is playing a pivotal role in thrashing the terrorists of ISIS by organizing patriotic citizens and giving them needed weapons.  Over the last 4 days, the ISIS terrorists have mounted 3 suicide runs on the southern entryway to the city only to be beaten back by alert citizens and Ba’ath militiamen armed with advanced anti-armor rockets and launchers.

Regiment 121 to the south of the city is under the command of Major Hammaad Ismaa’eel.  It has successfully warded off numerous efforts to overrun its base and has killed no less than 100 ISIS vermin in the process.  ISIS is now found only in the areas of Al-Hawl, Al-Shidaadi, Tal Buraak and the 2 villages of Al-Riwaaya and Mabrooka (in the Ra`s Al-‘Ayn area).  There are reports of ISIS movements in Tal Tamr and Tal Hamees Road near Qaamishli.



DER’AH:  The Big Surprise has worked extremely well.  Soon, I will be able to tell you what it was and how it worked.  The southern front is relatively under control with evidence mounting that several organizations are giving up on their Quixotic quest for power and genocidal dreams.

Fighting here:  Al-Faqee’, Tal Mutawwaq, Khuraab Al-Shahm/Yaadoodaa, ‘Itmaan area, Busraa Al-Shaam, Tal Al-Khudhur, Jadal in Al-Lijaat, Abu ‘Uthmaan Farms west of Simleen.

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