Faaleetaa:  Between a rock and a hard place.  That’s what it must be like to straddle the border between hostile Lebanon and very hostile Syria.  Yesterday,  and for the second day in a row, the SAA smashed Nusra’s apostate freaks of nature at Faaleetaa and Ra`s Al-Ma’arra.   All told, 39 rodents fell dead with over 60+ wounded.  The wounded have no place for treatment since the pathway into Lebanon has been closed.


Al-Zabadaani:  Not much time left for blaspheming traitors here.  The group called “The Special Tasks Brigade” of the Jabha Al-Islamiyya was further diminished by the SAA at the Radio Station Quarter after our soldiers wiped out a pickup truck with 23mm cannon.

Saa`ib Ibraaheem

Ahmad Al-Maghribi

No other names were sent.


Al-Zabadaani:  A nest of impious idol worshippers was destroyed:

‘Aaref Khareeta

‘Ali Al-Saqqaal

Ismaa’eel Al-Nabhaan

‘Uthmaan Rahma

Khaaled Al-Kuwayfi


Tufayl at the Lebanese border:  The SAA has now destroyed the largest car bomb factory in the Qalamoon.  Over 3 tons of TNT and other explosives were neutralized by engineers.  Massive loss to the rats.


Wa’er Al-ZaakiyaWa’er means “rugged land”.  An attempted infiltration to a military checkpoint was repulsed.


Jawbar:  Constant operations with attendant advances at varying axes is the rule now as the huddled vipers of Nusra await the inevitable express train to Hades.  All remaining rats are believed to be foreign with few exceptions.  Yesterday, these vermin were dispatched:




‘Aaliya Farms:  The area is abuzz with rumors about Zahraan ‘Alloosh’s imminent capture or death.  I have word that such an eventuality is expected soon. ‘Alloosh is deeply afraid of being assassinated by the Nusra group on charges of treason and collaboration with the SAA in turning over Al-Maleeha.  As funny as that sounds, he is convinced one of his own men has been compromised and under orders to shoot him dead.  Do not be surprised if he appears on television.

Yesterday, the SAA killed these at the farms:

Jaleel Khashshaab

‘Aamer Muhammad

Khaaled Ahmad Al-Saa’oor 


تدمير 3 أوكار للتنظيمات الإرهابية بمن فيها جنوب غرب سجنة في درعا البلد


You know the attack on the Qunaytra Crossing is coming when the SAA flies drones over it.  Reports indicate the Zionist Settler Riffraff shot down a drone.  They have probably warned the rodents to take cover.


Fighting here: Nab’ Al-Sakhr, West Al-Samdaaniyya, Majdoolyaa, Al-Keena Forest (Quinine) east of Majdoolyaa.


Koodna Dam:  An attempted encroachment by cockroaches to the ‘Ayn Al-Baashaa Properties and Waadi Al-Ruqaad, was squelched and 10 rats were killed.  No names.


Rasm Al-Aqra’:  Another miserable infiltration attempt into ‘Ayn Al-Baashaa was struck down.  4 counted rats killed.


Al-Ruwayhana:  Many killed or wounded. No details, yet.  The Fijian soldiers are in this area.


Burayqa:  More rats killed and wounded.


Ahmad Shubaat Village:  Near the Al-Ruwayhana Dam, 6 pickups with 6 23mm cannons were destroyed.  Monzer reports 16 confirmed dead rats.


West Tal Al-Ahmar:  2 cars loaded with rodents were incinerated.  No details.




تواصل العمليات النوعية في جوبر.. ومقتل 30 إرهابياً في جرود فليطة بالقلمون

HOMS CITY:  66 former rodents have surrendered to the SAA and security services for Amnesty.

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