Al-Ghantu – Al-Farhaaniyya Road:  Even savages like those in Nusra have to communicate.  And when they do, they do so at their own peril.  MI intercepted such a message from a “commander” in Umm Sharshooh on July 4, 2014, which indicated clearly an intention to move forces toward Al-Ghantu.  The SAA did not waste time and set up a string of camouflaged positions all manned with troops carrying night-vision equipment, because the timetable agreed upon by the terrorists required a passage through the night.  When the convoy of terrorists appeared, the SAA reportedly allowed it to move to a fail-safe point after which time all Hell broke loose.  As of July 6, 2014, 68 carcasses have been counted with 18 taken prisoner or wounded in the battle.   According to Wael and SANA, the SAA destroyed 2 pickups with a 23mm cannon, a bus with 40+ rats squeezed inside among crates of ammunition and a truck carrying 14 terrorists.


Umm Sharshoohm- Al-Tasneem Road toward Al-Wa’ra Village (see map above):  2 command-and-control centers operated by Nusra were torn to shreds by SAAF and SAA.  A 23mm cannon atop a pickup was seized; A Mercedes Truck with Turkish license plate was destroyed and thousands of dollars in satellite communications equipment confiscated.


Umm Sharshooh:  2 bulldozers, a backhoe and a pickup with 23mm cannon were either destroyed or seized in a support operation targeting a nest of vultures.  10 criminals were killed:

  • Zayn Al-Shaa’er
  • Khaleel Ahmad

The others were not identified.


Umm Sharshooh:  A bus and a 23mm atop a Toyota pickup were confiscated and all 8 terrorists taken prisoner in a raid that shocked the clearly disheartened criminals.


Unq Al-Hawaa:  Confirmed 29 terrorists killed by SAA artillery and infantry as the government forces assaulted a well-protected warehouse containing weapons and ammunition largely from Saudi Arabia.  All the terrorists were foreigers.


South Al-Shindaakhiyya:  Confirmed 17 terrorists killed by SAA in surround-snuff operation:


Abu Tarraaha:  Confirmed 11 dead terrorists.


Umm Al-Reesh:  Some skirmishing with no details.


Al-Rastan: At the Al-Ashtar Mosque, 9 terrorists killed trying to escape in a van.


Khirbat Heelaan in Al-Qusayr rural area:  Terrorists trying to escape to Lebanon.  No details.


Fighting reported in these areas: Mas’ada, Al-Sheeha, Al-Faasida, Kafr Laahaa, Kadeem, Khirbat Daawood near Al-Burayj, Sirhaaniyya, Waadi Meera, Al-Burayj, Al-Kahf Valley near Al-Qusayr, Heelaan, Sama’leel, ‘Ayn Hussayn.   



An attempted infiltration using a pickup with a 23mm cannon backfired when an entire brigade of SAA opened up the guns and caught the rats out in the open.  According to Wael, the tactics used by the criminals are becoming increasingly reckless indicating a lack of command structure and absence of experienced field commanders. Good.



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