بالفيديو، معارك الجيش السوري و" النصرة" بريف دمشق



Hardline terrorists and criminals in Al-Wa’er finally found a way to turn themselves in to the authorities without losing face.  You see, it’s Ramadhaan, the holy month for all Muslims and a time to beat swords into plowshares.  Right? No way.

Mayor Talal Baraazi masterfully negotiated the surrender of this suburb of Homs by agreeing to some simple demands from the terrorists who used to occupy it.  They did not want to be seen as capitulationists so they asked that their surrender by announced as part of some Ramadhaan cease fire. In truth, all their weapons have now been confiscated and they are involved in an Amnesty Program to resolve their criminal status.  They also refused to have photographers around to memorialize their surrender.  No problem.  Life is going back to normal in this provincial capital.




Al-Shindaakhiyya Village:  A vehicle with terrorists was chased down by security and destroyed after foreign killers refused to surrender.  Once they refuse, the security agents are authorized to kill them all.  That’s what happened.


Abu Jurayss Village:  Skirmishing with no details.


Abu Tarraaskha Village:  Ditto.


Mannookh Village:  A warehouse with 2 criminals inside was invaded and its contents seized.  No fatalities.


Al-Khaal Village:  No details about skirmishing.


Jabbooreen Village:  A van with criminal terrorists inside was destroyed.  All inside the van were determined to be from other countries, although, it was difficult to determine which countries as the van went up in flames.


Al-Rastan:  At the Bayt Umm Riyaadh Neighborhood, 12 terrorists engaged in a firefight with SAA and NDF.  All terrorists were killed.  I have no names.



‘Ayn Al-Sawdaa`:  Intense fighting here.  Evolving battle.


Al-Jaanoodiyya – Qastoon Farms Junction: SAA destroys a convoy of trucks whose origins are reportedly in northern Latakia Province.  No details.


Fighting reported intense in all these areas: Kooreen Farms, Maardeen Farms, South Abu-Al-Dhuhoor, Al-Maghaara, Kafr Najd, Kafr Jaalis, Al-Sirmaaniyya, Jubb Al-Ahmar, Al-Shughur, Bikfaloon Wall, Binnish, Fayloon

URGENT:  Syrian Army destroys 8 flatbed trucks with 23mm cannons in MA’ARRAT-MASSREEN. The group called itself “Liwaa` Al-Aqsaa” and lost 41 terrorists in a massive ambush carried out brilliantly by SAA, backed up by NDF.  Stunning operation which has extinguished this group.



The progress is slow because of the terrain.

Nab’ Al-Saamook:  All Nusra terrorists from Turkey killed.  According to Wael in Latakia, the number is counted at 7 with 3 taken prisoner or wounded.


Abu Reesh Farms:  More Nusra rats die in the orchards as the SAA continues its strategy of gaining elevation tactical advantage and cutting off escape routes:

  • Abdul-Haleem Al-Laadhiqaani (Id pending)
  • Mas’ood Al-Shaykh-Saaleh
  • Muhammad Hawraani
  • ‘Alwaan Al-Nakadi

Another 5 were taken prisoner.


Al-Na’eema: Fighting with no details.


Saaqiyat Al-Kirt:  Ditto.



THE LATEST NEWS COMES FROM PEOPLE RIGHT INSIDE THE CITY STRAIGHT TO SYRPER.  IT APPEARS THE SAA EFFORT TO EVACUATE PARTS OF THE CITY IN ORDER TO FINISH OFF THE TERRORIST PRESENCE IS RUNNING INTO PROBLEMS AS SOME CITIZENS ARE FEARFUL OF LEAVING THEIR VALUABLES AND PROPERTY.  ISIS is in the area which makes it certain that the campaign to liberate all Aleppo City will be relatively easy since ISIS does not like to stonewall in the face of a superior force.  This is in direct contrast to Ahraar Al-Shaam or Al-Jihad Al-Islami which will fortify in order to survive a siege.  Water is still scarce and electricity scarcer with SAA engineers working tirelessly to reactivate recently liberated energy stations such as the 9th Electricity Grid.

Fighting is very intense in all these areas which are subject to Operation Canopus Star:

Tal Qaazaan:  Totally liberated as of 24 hours.  Very strategic hill.


Al-Muqbila Village:  Totally liberated.  Inhabitants invited to return.


Old City:  An attempted infiltration toward the Al-Khusrafiyya Mosque failed.  No details.


Al-Muhsiniyya Village: Liberated.


Bani Zayd, Al-Sukkari, Daarat ‘Izza, Al-Saakhoor, Al-Jazmaati, Hanaanu, Al-Mansoora, Al-Shaykh Sa’eed, Al-Mallaah Properties, Huraytaan, Al-Haydariyya, Sayfaat, Handaraat Camp, Dhahrat ‘Abed Rabbuh, Al-Shaykh Khodhr, Kafr Hamra, the Industrial Zone at Al-Shaykh Najjaar (completely encircled by SAA), Al-Taamoora, Al-Ataareb, Maare’, Kafr Sagheer, Baabees, Al-Raheema, Al-Ma’boodiyya.



















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