استهداف تجمعات للإرهابيين في عرشونة والبرغوثية بريف حمص الشرقي


Saraaqeb:  The earth-shaking group called the “Jabhat Thuwwaar Saraaqeb” (Revolutionaries of Saraaqeb Front, yawn) went to Hell yesterday after the SAA trapped them like “you know what” and killed them all.  Most were foreigners, Libyans, Tunisians and Iraqis.  A flatbed with 23mm cannon was confiscated for use by the NDF in killing Saudis.  A warehouse with beaucoup weapons and ammo was also invaded and seized.  Good stuff:

  • Miqdaad Baareesh
  • ‘Aamer Saaleh

The other 17 were not identified because they either were foreign or were carrying papers belonging to refugees in Turkey.


Sarja: Fighting with no details.


Saraaqeb-Taftanaaz Road:  An underground warehouse for weapons and ammunition was pointed out by citizens to the SAA.  It contained 2 mortars, rockets and explosives with charges.  Nice grab by SAA.


Heela: Ahraar Al-Shaam were treated to an air massage by SAAF Sukhoi bombers.  No details available yet.  But, the scene is described as “shocking”.  Boo hoo hoo.


Syrian Army tanks deployed in the Jobar neighborhood of Damascus on August 24, 2013.

Al-Hameediyya:  The terrorists set up a line facing an SAA strongpoint.  The terrorists belonged to a pack calling itself Liwaa` Suqoor Al-Ma’arra (Falcons of Al-Ma’arra Battalion, yawn).  They were duped into holding positions by clever SAA officers who gave them them the impression the outpost was undermanned, all the while ordering a platoon to outflank them from the east creating a nice killing zone:

  • Muhammad Khaldoon
  • Ahmad Moussaa Barakaat
  • Ibraaheem Dughaym (a/k/a “Abu Aslaan”)
  • Zuhayr Al-‘Ali
  • Ahmad Bassaam Al-Qaddoor
  • Mustafaa ‘Adnaan Al-Ibraaheem
  • ‘Abdul-Rahmaan Mustafaa Al-Bakkoor
  • Mahmoud Shammaama

Another 14 could not be identified and are believed to be foreign.


South ‘Ari Village in the Al-Rooj Plain:  SAA rolled over a pack of cannibals who were around a pickup with 23mm cannon.  All 8 criminals were killed:

  • Jaaber Muhammad
  • Ghaaleb Al-Saakhoori
  • Nooreddeen Al-Shaykh

The other 5 were not identified.


Marteen Town:  The pack calling itself the “Suqoor Al-Shaam” (The Falcons of Syria) flew straight to Hell last night after the SAA surprised them with an unannounced visit:

  • Ramadhaan Diyaab

No other carcass was identified.


‘Ayn Shayb Village:  Fighting with no details.


Heavy fighting in all these areas:  Tal Daawood, Baab-Ullaah, Kooreen, Abu-Zubayr, Baalis, Ma’ar-Zaaf, Binnish, Hantooteen, Kafr Roomaa, Sayjar, Al-Muqbila, Jabal Al-Arba’een area, Nahlayyaa, Al-Badriyya.


Shinnaan in the Zaawiya Mountains:  All foreign group found loitering around a warehouse with weapons and ammunition from Turkey.  A pickup with 23mm was taken without incident.  All surrendered.  They will be interrogated.

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Bob Birk
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Bob Birk

Iraq claims it has taken delivery of Su-25 combat aircraft According to the BBC: Lieutenant General Anwar Hama Amin: ”We are in dire need of these aircraft during this difficult time” Iraq says it has received the first batch of fighter jets it ordered from Russia to help it as it fights an offensive by Sunni rebels. The defence ministry said five Sukhoi Su-25 attack aircraft would enter service in “three to four days”. COMMENTARY: Criteria for selection of this combat aircraft type for rushed service to IqAF likely includes: – Urgent need for close air support fixed-wing aircraft. –… Read more »

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“Air massage” – love it!

Level 8 - Legatus Legionis

Keep up the momentum SAA, get all rats dead.

Level 2 - Veteran

Again Saraqib. Ive seen a video of a SAAF bombing campaign on rat checkpoints a few days ago. Good stuff. Positions are being softened up before the final infantry push comes.

Level 0 - Anonymous

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