A handout picture released by the official Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) shows Syrian troops celebrating in the town of Kasab, on June 15, 2014. AFP PHOTO/HO/SANA

ERDOGHAN’S FILTHY ISLAMIST TURKS WERE DEFEATED IN KASAB AS OVER 250 FAMILIES RETURN CHEERING THE SAA IN THEIR HOMETOWN AMIDST WESTERN WAILING AND BREAST-BEATING.  In this photo taken after the SAA annihilated the disease-carrying filth supported by Obama and Hollande and financed by the repugnant apes of Arabia, our soldiers raised their rifles high in the knowledge they have carried out the will of the Syrian people.

AL-SAMRAA:  All readers who had any doubts about our military services will be proud to know that the liberation of Al-Samraa was a complicated plan involving sea-borne and air-borne commandos who stunned the inbred terrorist garbage after the SAA artillery pounded them into so much used grease.  Wael says the problem of putrefacting carcasses remains and that NDF and locals have been assigned the disagreeable task of cleaning up under supervision of medical personnel from Latakia in order to prevent contagion.



Inkhil: An attack by a small pack of vermin at a military checkpoint was poorly contrived and led to the deaths of 3 of the 5 murderous cannibals involved.  I have no names.

‘Itmaan: At the Water Reservoir, a number of terrorists were dispatched when alert NDF called in SAA assistance and killed 2 of the savages.  The other 7 escaped into their cesspool.

Tal Al-Jaabiya Road at Al-Sukkariyya: A Mitsubishi van with disease-infested terrorists was subjected to a direct hit by an anti-armor rockets that set them all ablaze and reduced them to clumps of useless molecules:

  • Belqaassem Mahjoob (LIBYAN ROTTEN OYSTER)
  • Mut’ib Ahmad Jabaara
  • Hussayn ‘Abdul-Malek

The other 4 were not identified.

Ghabaagheb near Dayr Al-‘Adas: 2 cars with terrorists were destroyed and all passengers sent to the Fifth Circle.

Al-Nassr Farms near Der’ah City:  13 terrorists confirmed killed from the Nusra/Alqaeda group.  No names.

Al-Nu’ayma Town:  4 hyenas killed while escaping in a truck.  No details.


JORDAN – AMMAN:  You’re going to love this: It appears that sources in Jordan have confirmed that ISIS has opened up a liaison office somewhere in the Hashemite Dwarf Kingdom.  We’re sure the portly monarch will be packing his bags soon. Enjoy.



Skirmishing here: ‘Usayla Village, Al-Za’faraaniyya Village in Al-Rastan, Dayr Fool, Hawsh Hajju, Keeseen, ‘Ayn Hussayn, Al-Naasiriyya, Waadi Al-Abyadh, Al-Shajara Farms, South Al-Burayji, QumQum Fuel Depot (attack failed), Umm Sharshooh Farms (liberated a few days ago.  8 killed or wounded)   

AL-WA’R:  For the last 3 days, the SAA has been pummeling remnant terrorists whose communications indicate Saudi origin and affiliation with Nusra.  The actual number of dead terrorists is unknown at present, however, expect more details as the SAA prepares a strangulating move shortly in this area.  This could mean that only Talbeesa and Daar Al-Kabeera remain as strongholds for the defeated and hopelessly outnumbered vermin.


IRAQ:  Tal-‘Afar: SAAF has killed 190+ terrorists who were holed up in a municipal building which they intended to turn into a C&C center.  Not so lucky.



No matter what you think of him or her, Mr/Ms. Manning hits the mark with comments that cannot be ignored:



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