Don’t you believe one word of the propaganda being disseminated by CIA-controlled news sources in the Middle East or the U.K. This is one big surrender to the Syrian Army.  The hardcore terrorists who would not give up 3 weeks ago to the SAA and who ignored the communique which we translated and published in SyrPer, have given up.  They are all foreigners of Chechen, Saudi, Qatari, Lebanese and Iraqi origin.  The announcement came yesterday and sent to us here when we were not in our office.

Homs is now terrorist free.  The areas evacuated by the terrorists include: Baab Hood, Al-Qaraabees, Jawrat Al-Shiyyaah and Al-Hameediyya.  Food and medicine are ready to be poured in as soon as the last terrorist throws up his arms in abject surrender.

The terms of surrender are clear: the terrorists will be allowed to leave the city and head toward Talbeesa without any weapons. All weapons and ammunition must be left behind for confiscation and distribution to the National Defense Forces.  That is the extent of the agreement.  Of the 1,000 terrorists who remained inside the city, only 400 are now alive and ready for certain death in another location.  According to our sources, the terrorist leaders have vowed to leave Syria and never return.

Talbeesa:  An attack on a checkpoint was a complete failure.  SAA killed 4 terrorists with the rest escaping.

Baab Hood: (on April 30, 2014)  East of ‘Abdullah Ibn Mas’ood Mosque east of Al-Dhahabi Avenue near the Al-Naatoor Bakery.  14 foreign hyenas were killed in a firefight.

Baab Hood today: a leader of a Nusra group who did not want to surrender, but, instead, wanted to take the Silver Chief straight to Cerberus’ doghouse was killed at the Baab Al-Turkmaan.

Fighting reported in Al-Safsaafa, South of the Tanneries, near the Khadeeja Al-Kubraa School and Al-Qusoor toward the Al-Haal Market and Talaf Village.

Daar Al-Sa’aada to the west: A warehouse with launchers and rockets was invaded and its contents seized.

Talbeesa at Khirbat ‘Izzeddeen: Fighting with no details.

Daar Al-Kabeera: An infiltration attempt was thwarted in the direction of Al-Khaalidiyya Village.  Many reported terrorist deaths. No details.

Al-Rastan at the Hurr-bi-Nafsu Village: a flatbed with 23mm cannon seized and its driver arrested.

Fighting reported here:  Al-Sa’an, Al-‘Aamiriyya, ‘Aydoon, Hawsh Hajju, Al-Ghantu, Daar Al-Kabeera, Al-Ghannoosha Village, Al-Barghoothiyya Village.

Al-Sama’leel Village in the Hoolaa:  At the public cistern, all 11 terrorists were killed by SAA and NDF:

  • Mulhem ‘Abbaas
  • Mahmoud Al-Ghaadheb
  • Ameen Al-Daraki
  • Safwaan Al-Mullaa

The rest was not identified.

Burj Qaa’iy – Taldu:  in the area of Tal Qutri, a flatbed with cannon and a mortar were destroyed. No names.

Irk in Palmyra rural area: An attack on a gas pipleline was thwarted when alert SAA paratroopers descended down by helicopters and interdicted the terrorist operation.  All 27 terrorists were killed.  No survivors.



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