The SAA has unleashed its fabled missile forces now in Aleppo and Der’ah.  Wherever the terrorists are hiding, be it in Jubayla or Nawaa, a torrent of missiles is coming their way.  The noise must be deafening.



Nawaa: Some readers have picked up on the news in Nawaa.  It’s true.  The SAA has moved into the southern corridors of the town after clearing over 140 anti-tank land mines provided to the terrorists by the Zionist Ghetto vermin.  The successful invasion of Umm Al-‘Awsaj, discussed yesterday, was to prevent any further resupply to the trapped scavengers inside the town of Nawaa.  All axes which were used to ferry arms or to introduce armored vehicles have been plugged by NDF and ANG forces fighting alongside the SAA.  Any truck that approaches within 200 meters and fails to stop is hit with an RPG or Kornet, depending on its weight and size, and the driver is incinerated.  If he is found to be carrying weapons, then, as the great English director Ken Russell once wrote, “Hell will hold no surprises for you.”  



Taseel and Shaykh Miskeen are completely cut off, also, and no hope lies ahead in this area so densely protected with air defenses that even the Zionist Ghetto air force can’t help.




 Der’ah City: 

Al-Khaleel Mosque:  These terrorists were while trying to steal a car for use as an explosive device.  3 were arrested also:

  • Marwaan Shahhoot
  • ‘Abdul-Ghaffaar ‘Awdi
  • Muhammad Barakaat
  • Khaaled Hiraaki
  • Hishaam Saqqaaliyya


Postal and Communications Bureau:

These rattlesnakes were stampled out of existence:

  • Qaassem Sakkaaf
  • Na’eem Mahmoud

The other 5 were foreign and their names not sent to us.


Al-Naaziheen Camp:

A large number of terrorists were pointed out by Palestinians who wanted them out of their lives.  Once the SAA surrounded the pack, all were bent on dying. Accents were mostly non-Levantine as they communicated well-wishes for a speedy trip to Hell.   I have no names of the 27 terrorists confirmed killed.


Al-‘Abbaasiyya Bakery:  3 terrorists killed and 3 taken prisoner.  No names.


Al-Khawaabi in rural Der’ah:  (See photo above)


  • Zhaafer Al-Bahr
  • Sidqi Ghaaleb
  • Adham Bahbooj



Itmaan at the roundabout: 7 foreign terrorists killed. 3 confirmed Jordanian Salafists included. No names


‘Itmaan: Southeast of the Black Mosque and south of the Water Reservoir and stone cutting factory, the SAA killed 12 terrorists of the Nusra and JI.  No names.


Al-Nu’ayma:  East of the “Center”, SAA killed 1 terrorist and took 4 prisoners after they surrendered.


Al-Musayka:  Fighting with no details.


Al-Seeba west of Al-Karak Quarter: Ditto.


Shaykh Miskeen (var: Shmiskeen):  At the roundabout, 17 IEDs were uncovered on the unpaved road along with a dirt barricade used for cover.



A warehouse with a huge amount of light assault weapons and ammunition, left behind in haste by fleeing mice.  This will be a great addition to the NDF and ANG arsenal for killing Saudi apes.


Syrian Army

Dam Road:  Fighting with no details.


Busraa Al-Shaam:  To the east, Jordanian terrorists were killed to a terrorist here.  No names available.


Sijna Quarter:  Fighting with no details.


Al-Khaleel Mosque to the south: Ditto.



SAA has destroyed all fortifications in this town about to fall to the government.  A sniper at the North School was killed and 6 flatbeds with 23mm cannons were either destroyed or confiscated for use in killing Saudi chimpanzees.  The number of dead terrorists exceeds 30 according to preliminary reports coming in to Damascus.  Big defeat for Nusra.


Khirbat Jamra:  An oil tanker truck and 4 flatbeds with 23mm cannons destroyed in a conflagration that could be seen for 20 kilometers.  Monzer reports that the bodies were so charred it will be impossible to identify the terrorists. The word “Jamra” is most appropriate.


Jadal Village in Al-Lijaat:  a storehouse with weapons and ammo useful in killing Saudis was uncovered.

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Level 7 - Tribunus Angusticlavius

Thanks Ziad, as usual you provide great news on Syria.

Level 8 - Legatus Legionis

Momentum build up for the SAA in the South, break some key rat defenses then the rest collapses, exactly like Al Qalamoun. Push on SAA.

Level 3 - Praetorian

What a nice start to the day Ziad, thank you.

Level 0 - Anonymous

For the half of June the entire South Front will be sealed off.

Level 0 - Anonymous

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