Syria in Last 24 Hours

This is the logical culmination of Operation Canopus Star.  We can now confirm that the area of the Central Prison is under the total artillery control of the SAA.  This means that the terrorists who had tried to seal the prison off and to penetrate it are now encircled with no way out.  Morale is extremely high as these courageous soldiers are now vying with their brothers in the Qalamoon and Homs for glory.  Syrian Perspective predicts that the terrorists, who are mostly foreigners from Chechnya and Pakistan, will hold out for some days because they know there will be no mercy for them. This operation started yesterday and has gone very smoothly so far.


Note that the SAA has taken all high positions around the prison, especially the ones to the south which give artillery spotters an excellent vantage point to direct rockets and shells on to the heads of the disease-spreading Jihadist savages.



With the prison area now encircled by the SAA, another operation to block transportation of supplies and reinforcements has been implemented by 3 regiments of the SAA Special Operations teams.  According to Wael, last night 13 vans and trucks loaded with ammunition started to make way toward the Jubayla Town adjacent to the prison and to the Glass Factory to the north of the site, they never even got started as the road on which they had to travel was mined earlier and an ambush sprung with commandos using night vision goggles opened a dense hail of fire killing over 60 terrorists with the rest escaping into the countryside.  According to Wael, the amount of ammunition spent by the terrorists at the prison means they will have to start rationing bullets and RPG rockets until someone can get them some resupply. Not likely.


Shaykh Najjaar Industrial Area: 

More nests of terrorists uncovered and destroyed.  This area is about to become terrorist free.  Look carefully at the map to see where it lies in relation to Jubayla and the prison.  The pincer is closing.  Yesterday, these terrorists were killed here:

  • ‘Adnaan ‘Abdul-Baaqi
  • Musleh Humaydi
  • Rashaad Muhammad
  • Mustafaa Baraazina
  • ‘Aatef Shuraydi
  • Qaassem Yamak
  • Jameel ‘Ubayd
  • Qays Ziriqli

The other 19 were foreigners with either no papers or with forged documents.  All appeared caucasian with the exception of one who appeared Somali or Sudani.


Al-Raamoosa:  Major SAA advance here to the south.  It is still believed that Abu Muhammad Al-Jawlaani, the Nusra leader,  is to be found and killed here.  No more details.


Al-‘Aamiriyya:  Another major advance by the SAA with no details about terrorist-stats.


Daaret ‘Izza:  East of the Sam’aan Citadel, major engagement going on as I write. No details.


Qastal Haraami:

An attempted infiltration by terrorists from the area of the Al-Mahdi School toward Al-Hameediyya in the town was foiled with the destruction of 2 pickups carrying 2 Doschka anti-aircraft cannons.  The dead litter were called:

  • Naseeb Wahbiyya
  • Saleem Yahyaa
  • Taaher Mubaarak
  • Muhammad Qash’am
  • Haaroon ‘Abdul-Hameed
  • Abdul-Majeed Subayhi

Another 3 could not be identified.


Al-Na’naa’iy:  SAA foiled an attack on a military checkpoint.  No details.


Fighting reported in all these areas as part of Operation Canopus Star:  Al-Ataareb, Khaan Al-‘Asal, Layramoon (almost liberated, Al-Raashideen (almost liberated), Huraytaan, Qubtaan Al-Jabal, ‘Anadaan, Tal Rif’aat, Al-Jandool Roundabout, Baabees, Shaykh Sa’eed

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