Syrian army troops hoisting their country

(Photo: Alalam)

  Syrian Perspective is delighted to report that the plan for the plague-carrying vermin leaving Homs Central is extermination in both Talbeesa and Daar Al-Kabeera.  The terrorists are being encircled as I write and both towns are scheduled for total demolition since no citizens inhabit their streets and quarters.  Those terrorists who vowed to return to fight in Homs will not survive the next 2 weeks as elements of the 7th and 9th mechanized armored divisions commence the encirclement with tanks and artillery.  Good bye, terrorists! After having destroyed the central old part of Homs by sabotaging every building, digging tunnels festooned with explosives, firing RPGs at homes, the terrorists did an yeoman’s job of tearing apart the lives of innocent civilians who hail from this part of town – these same civilians who will vote overwhelmingly for Dr. Assad in the upcoming elections. Wael describes videos of the terrorist departure as “laugh inducing” since they were almost all, to a terrorist, villager with zero education or judment.  Bent on killing minorities and Ba’athists, these dregs of Rodenta left the city looking like haggard old terrorists, their stinking wives and some of their offspring crawling into buses to go off to another Hell of their own making.  And that’s exactly where they are being taken. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


The terrorists are beginning to show signs of positioning themselves to disrupt the elections on June 3.  Threats have been emanating from Amman, Jordan, implying that new “calibers of surprises” are coming from the terrorist army forming in King Dwarf’s little micro-kingdom of degenerates.  The SAA, NDF, Lebanese allies and our new ANG are readiying themselves for the coda to the symphony titled “Gates of Hell”. Soldiers will be voting early for the president to allow them to kill terrorists without interruption.  Why is the U.S. so hell-bent on disrupting democratic processes? Because the U.S. is not democratic. That’s why, dummy.  The U.S. practices democracy without regard to its actual value as a universal principle.  Those countries which are deemed to be inimical to American interests – no matter how malicious and imperialistic those interests might be  –  are to be denied democracy.  When democracy rears its ugly head in a country like Syria or Ukraine, the process is to be thwarted, squelched or otherwise aborted.  You can’t have people deciding for themselves anything that might smack of freedom from Yankee/Zionist oppression.

Busraa Al-Shaam:

The day before yesterday, an FSA gnat, ‘Ali Hussayn Al-Nu’aymi and his wife were killed by the Nusra group.  He is a cousin of the same Ahmad Al-Nu’aymi who was just arrested by the Nusra for making threats about having to fight all Takfiris once Dr. Assad was overthrown.

Khirbat Ghazaala:

An attempted infiltration from West Al-Ghaariyya was foiled and the following vultures exterminated:

  • Thaabet Al-Hindi
  • Mu’tassem Buraykaat
  • Haafezh Muhammad-‘Ali
  • Ahmad Al-Durra
  • Khaaled ‘Abdul-‘Azheem

Another 2 could not be identified.


An attack on a checkpoint was drubbed and ground into silica by the SAA:

  • Faares ‘Uwaydaat
  • ‘Abdul-Hakeem Al-Fattoon
  • Mahmoud Khayri
  • ‘Izzeddeen Dirbaas

Another 3 could not be identified.   East Al-Karak: Another idiotic attack on a checkpoint by yokels was demolished.  9 terrorists confirmed killed and 4 wounded. No names, yet.   Simleen on the the Southwest margin:  The SAA attacked a grouping of terrorists at Al-Tayyiba near the Abu ‘Uthmaan Farms and killed all 16 of them.  No names.   Al-Yaadoodaa – ‘Itmaan – Busraa Al-Shaam Road: West of Al-Shaybas Factory, firefight with not details.   Al-Nu’ayma – Al-Mool East:  Fighting with no details.   Tal-Al-Za’tar:  Monzer writes that early reports indicate a major loss to the terrorists here.  But, he is waiting for details before confirming this.


Early reports indicate a large number of dead Turks now at Kasab Crossing.  We are waiting for more information about this and will inform our readers.  Erdoghan has now committed to war.   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Brandon Tubeville sends his report in about the use of CW by Obama’s terrorists: http://www.activistpost.com/2014/05/new-video-evidence-points-to-al-nusra.html John Esq. sends this one that exposes the Neo-Con hand of treachery in virtually everything that takes place in the Near East.  And you wonder about the names: http://www.lewrockwell.com/lrc-blog/u-s-pulls-turkeys-puppets-strings-in-the-1997-post-modern-coup/ Brandon does it again with this incisive analysis of SOHR propaganda and lies: http://www.activistpost.com/2014/05/questions-surround-latest-syria-school.html

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