Khan Shaykhun Likely Seized by Terrorists – SAA Advancing at Morek

Khan Shaykhun   Google Maps

We have not heard from our sources at Khan Shaykhun in a while now. So lets be frank. At worst, the city has fallen. At best, a few SAA checkpoints still remain on the perimeter of the town. Reports indicate that a massive influx of Chechens were gathered for the battle. This marks the first strategic advance of the insurgents since their offensive at Kessab.

Morek   Google Maps

On a more optimistic note, the SAA has been advancing rapidly at Morek in recent weeks. Kafr Zita located west of Morek is currently being besieged by government troops as well. Some soldiers are still fiercely defending Hish and Hamidiyah military Base (north of Khan Shaykhun) while being resupplied regurlarly by helicopter.

If Morek is to be liberated, this will create an open route to Khan Shaykhun. From there government troops can advance north and break the siege on Hish, which will relieve pressure on the soldiers still stationed there.




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