I want to reaffirm what I wrote before about the subject:  Don’t believe anything you read in the propaganda sources like BBC, Daily Star, Al-Bawaba, Reuters or the others.  Whenever their terrorist heroes are humiliated, they concoct transparent narratives about “negotiating” or “working out”…..and the like.   Facts are facts.  The terrorists inside Old Homs were in a hopeless situation by anyone’s reckoning.  Not only had all supplies run out – whether nutritional, medical or martial – but all cisterns had been depleted such that no water could be found.  When there is no water, there is no hygiene.  When there is no hygiene, there is no end to the varieties of death.  That was the situation.  The terrorists were wallowing in their own ordure.

Reuters download

Rothschild family affair devoted to the one family notorious for having played both sides off one another in both WWI and WWII.  Their devotion to some mystical Zionist dream is beyond cavil.  It’s based in the UK and owned by the Thomson Corporation as part of the news giant: Thomson-Reuters.  It’s global managing editor is David A. Schlesinger, a rabid Zionist and tool of the ZIO-NAZI cabal.  But, despite all the names,  it is at its base, a Zionist Rothschild enterprise.


Daily Star download (1)A creation of Kaamel Muruwwa in 1952.  It is virtually owned and controlled by the Gulf Cooperation Council which keeps it afloat as long as it promotes the narratives favored by the Emirs of Emptiness.  It regularly supports right wing Lebanese Maronite causes – like Geagea – and promotes the editorial views of a propagandist by the name of Michael Young.  It’s treasonous cant is easily detectable when discussing the “achievements” of Samir Geagea or the unjust indictments against him – after all, right? He’s just another Lebanese warlord with a bad temper.  This is another rag which scurrilously depicts events in Homs as a “negotiated” withdrawal and our government as a “regime”.

My Homsi friend, Durayd, says the terrorists are all gone.  Don’t believe the other nonsense.



Operates out of Amman, Jordan, and gets its moolah from the United Arab Emirates.  It’s connected to the compromised BBC which means the Hashemites have their dirty fingernails in it.  Dubai mostly supports it because Al-Bawaba can always be counted when it’s time to overlook the Arabian penchant for atrocious behavior and sleazy morals. This is one publication that should be read with a clothespin clipped tightly to the nostrils.

And so the story goes.


Daar Al-Kabeera:

SAA killed 11 terrorists and destroyed 2 pickups with 23mm machine gun cannons at the east entrance to the town.



SAA has destroyed a large IED factory yesterday.


Jubb Al-Jarraah in the hatchery area (Al-Madaajen), 13 terrorists were killed and 8 taken prisoner in a firefight.


Jubb Habl, Mannookh and Al-Baarida south of Al-Qaryatayn in the east rural area of Homs.  The attention is now switching to areas around Palmyra: reports of fighting with no details.


Kafr Laahaa:

SAA invaded an area controlled by Nusra freaks and annihilated it.  The number of dead terrorists so far is 13 with many wounded.  According to Wael’s note, SAAF Hind helicopters played a role.  I have no names.


Fighting reported here: ‘Aqrab, Tal ‘Umri, Al-‘Aamiriyya, West Salaam, Al-Khaalidiyya Village.



1 nest destroyed in this town so way off the beaten path, one wonders if the terrorists just wanted to sunbathe for a few months instead of joining their terrorist litter-mates in their Jihad of Nihilism.  8 terrorists killed and the rest, all 14, surrendered to the SAA.  Look at the location of this place:





My kind of place. In olden times, there was a tavern here where a thirsty traveler could have some sweet wine and load up on provisions.  In legend, a well sprung up here with potable water.  It is possible, the Arab conqueror, Khaaled “The Sword of God” bin Al-Waleed bin Al-Mugheera Al-Makhzoomi stopped to drink here although available evidence indicates no well in existence any longer.  Why cant’ they drink Evian water?  And why did Khaaled have to slit the bellies of his camels in order to drink?  Hmmmm.



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