SYRIAN PERSPECTIVE sends this exclusive report to its readers based on Ba’ath Party sources: The Syrian Army has completed negotiations for the terrorist capitulation of the following towns in the south of the capital: Jawrat Al-Shuraybaati, Al-Qadam Quarter and Al-‘Assaali Quarter. The terrorists here will be afforded the same consideration as those of the other areas where their litter-mates gave up and surrendered to superior forces and the legitimate government: Al-Qaaboon, Barza, Al-Mu’adhdhamiyya, Bayt Sahm, ‘Aqraba, Yaldaa.



The agreement will take place in 72 hours as of 12:00 p.m. May 23, 2014, Damascus time, which means expect it to take place within hours.  What this means is that the terrorists inside the Palestinian Yarmouk Camp have no way to avoid their own starvations, never-you-mind the bone-crushing power of the Republican Guard armor readying for entry.  Now, Al-Hajar Al-Aswad will be returned to government control and the Old Highway between Der’ah and Damascus shall become dynamic again with factories returning to former production levels.  This is a major development. Don’t underestimate its importance, especially, in dampening the morale of the Obama-terrorists.


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