The Larger Task Ahead in Syria?

Hollande with his Cow containing as much substance as his last rave about Chemical Weapons in Syria as Kerry's Jewish Registration leaflets in Ukraine did.

Hollande with his Cow containing as much substance as his last rave about Chemical Weapons in Syria as Kerry’s Jewish Registration leaflets in Ukraine did.

While watching the massive military buildup in the NATO block with the sole purpose of safeguarding itself against the newly reinvented Russian foe and hearing the rhetoric from its leadership where suddenly any and all methods to isolate Russia as long as they are west initiated are quite acceptable gives one cause to ponder on the next steps they might consider for Syria.

Watching the propaganda injection in the regular daily news cycles were even the vaguest and unsubstantiated (and even completely fake) sources are taken as fact and promptly disseminated by people in the highest ranks of western governments to an ever more scoop hungry mainstream media who swallows it as gospel from on high.

One begins to wonder when an outright full military intervention in Syria will be pushed down from worldwide headline status and sold of as a small strategic step in the quest of further isolating the wests latest arch-villain Putin, and that this small step will be completely acceptable to the majority of people in the west as it’s clearly a necessary action to defend them from the evil now ever-growing and aggressive soviet empire.

So what will the next “red line” be? perhaps another chemical weapons attack on the poor innocent and quite defenseless “rebels” that innocently squat in clearly abandoned buildings in Aleppo, Idlib, Damascus and Kessab doing no harm and clearly suffering. Hollande’s recent statements would suggest so, or maybe even a new spectre will rear its ugly head and the next issue at hand might be bioweapons, perhaps MERS… Well it really don’t matter and you the reader might take it as an exercise and come up with some far-fetched, impossible to disprove event and rest assured that it will be taken as gospel and used by the talking heads to excuse any action taken against the Syrians regardless of the consequences.

That the double standards are quite rampant is quite clear for anyone who has watched the Syrian conflict unfold as well as the later events in western versus eastern Ukraine and Crimea. What is good enough for one side is unacceptable for the other and vice versa except on Thursdays.

So any bets on what the next step will be by the powers that be?

For those that scream for “Foreign Intervention” I’m sad to tell you, that has been going on for years now, the next question is simply what their next step will be; Will they finally put their own troops on the ground and if so when and with what justification.

One can only firmly hope that the SAA is completely done mopping up the western proxy forces (call them by any name you want) by then and can focus fully at the even larger task ahead and that all of us observers remain vigilant and never silent!.

Just my 2 cents as usual 🙂

– Danny

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