The Syrian Army has announced another major victory at Tallat Mahmiyyat Al-Tuyyoor (Bird Sanctuary Hill) which is not completely under its control.  It looks over the historically important Dayr Al-Shiroobeem (Monastery of the Cherubim).  The SAA reportedly killed 19 rats belonging to the Jaysh Al-Islam.



Ra`s Taahoon Al-Hawaa:  In the Rankoos area.  It means the “Summit of the Windmill”.  3 Command-and-Control Centers with a treasure trove of  documents and CDs implicating the usual suspects was confiscated.  These too belonged to “Jaysh Al-Islam”.


Al-Mahabba: Also in Rankoos area at the “Villas” area.  A Command-and-Control center destroyed in the Rankoos Plain.  Confirmed 12 rats killed:

Muhammad ‘Ali ‘Ajami

Muhammad ‘Ali Laafi

Mahmoud Al-Keelaawi

The rest were not identified and believed to be foreigners.

Al-Sarkha: Area of the foothills. 5 rats killed and 26 wounded.  I have no names.

Khiyaara Village and Dannoon near the Palestinian Camp:  All near Al-Kiswa.  Many rats killed and wounded in an ambush set by NDF and Palestinian units from the PFLP-GC.  No details. We know that Palestinian units from the “Committees” prevented rats from entering the camp killing 16 during the first encounter Friday evening.  Many rats wounded with no means of getting medical treatment.  Fighting continued until dawn when the rats withdrew into the ambush we mentioned.  A real stupid maneuver by cockroaches.  2 Palestinians confirmed killed defending the camp.


‘Aaliya Farms:  A den with weapons and ammunition was uncovered in this area inside Doumaa.  Among the 17 killed were these:

Abu Muhammad Al-Sahraawi (Id pending)

‘Abdul-Baaqi Al-Shaaker

Mu’een Al-Reehaawi

Saami Qarnaqoot

The rest were not identified. There were many wounded prisoners.

‘Irbeen:  at the Quwayder Gas Station and the Al-‘Uthmaan Mosque. Fighting with no details.


Al-Maleeha on the north side:  SAA killed 11 rats and took 18 prisoners:

Lu’ayy Wadhdhaahi

Rafeeq ‘Abdul-Kareem

Shareef Ihsaani

Ameen Sa’aadaat

Mustafaa Safarjalaani

I have no other names.


Al-Maleeha:  At the Tamiko Pharmaceutical Corp. a pack of rats was encountered and exterminated. No details.


At the Associations Quarter and the Sukayna Shrine.  7 confirmed rodent deaths.  All these from the “Kateebat Ahraar Daarayyaa” (yawn) (Free Rats of Daarayyaa Brigade).

Syria army gains ground near capital


Al-Ruhayba in NE rural Damascus: 3 pick-ups with 23mm cannons were interdicted. 2 were destroyed and one taken for use in killing Saudis.  I have no more details.

Zabadaani in the East Hills:  A pack of rats was surrounded and annihilated.  Weapons and ammunition were seized and delivered to the NDF for killing Saudi cockroaches:

  • Badreddeen Salaama
  • Raagheb Tamari
  • Asyad Al-Khateeb

Another 5 were killed, but, there are no names.

Ayn Al-Hawar:  Near Zabadaani.  2 IEDs were dismantled, one with a 15kg payload and the other with a 17kg payload.

Madhaayaa: In the vineyards, a 70 meter-long tunnel was uncovered underneath both sides of the main road.  No more.

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Level 3 - Praetorian

Everyday more good news. Assad – Syrian crisis reaches “turning point’.
Iraq also doing their part – Iraq kills the Tunisian who killed two Syrian drivers. Not sure if the drivers where killed in January 2014 of in August 2013.

Level 6 - Praefectus

Wonderful. Everyone knows the delight I feel when I see c&c centres go down for the count. It makes life even harder for the rats wbich is a ok.

Level 8 - Legatus Legionis

All looks good in the front, keep it up SAA.

Level 1 - Novice

Delightful good news. Syria is the global frontline, along with Palestine and south Lebanon, in the defense of civilized values against the global tyranny of naked aggression and conquest through violence. The zionist New World Order is behind this aggression, along with its treacherous allies from House of Saud and the likes of Erdogan. The Nazis accused of war crimes at Nuremberg were sentenced to death for the crime of “waging aggressive war.” If that rule of law is applied today we would have many high level U.S. neocons, European heads of state and, of course, Netanyahu-style Likudists heading to… Read more »