Syrian Perspective has learned from direct sources on the ground in Der’ah that a large pack of rodents who had infiltrated from Jordan are now surrounded and negotiating for deliverance as the SAA and NDF concentrate forces for a coup de grace.


5 pick-ups with Doschkas were destroyed as a prelude to a brilliant surround-and-snuff maneuver executed by Brigade 15 backed by front-line T-72 battle tanks and heavy artillery with some mention of air strikes.

The pack of rodents was first detected by farmers in the area who contacted the Ministry of the Interior on its hot line in Damascus.  That was all it took as nearby SAA and NDF effected a plan typical of those used in previous encounters with Saudi-financed, American-backed terrorists.  Monzer estimates over 100 killed so far as the enemy remains on relatively flat rural land with no place to hide.  Carcasses are being counted as I write to you and a list of some who have Syrian papers has been provided:

  • Sidqi Naa’oom
  • Ma`moon Al-Khateeb
  • Sameer Mahmoud-‘Ali
  • Mustafaa Al-‘Atiyya
  • Yazeed Ghubayri
  • Khaleel Nassr
  • Talaal Shaaker
  • ‘Abdul-Jaleel Al-‘Ubayshi
  • ‘Aamer Kuroomi
  • Muhammad Darweesh
  • Muhammad Hawaamida
  • ‘Abdu Haydar
  • Zhaaher Baghdaadi
  • Riyaadh Shawwaal
  • Taaher Shuqayri
  • Faares Qudaamaa

More names to come to SyrPer as they arrive on Monzer’s desk.



Hind helicopters savaged the retreating rodents trying to scatter about the countryside.  No such luck:

  •  Zaahi Muhammad
  • ‘Amr Fakhreddeen

No other names available yet. Most of these were not Syrians.


West Simleen – Zimreen Road: 11 rat carcasses confirmed on the sides of the road.  No names. All foreign.



Media Center Building:  4 rats killed and several wounded. No details.

SyriaTel Building: Skirmishing with no details.  2 warehouses filled with weapons and ammo seized.

Baneen Der’ah High School: Skirmishing with no details.

Yarmouk School:  10 rats confirmed killed. All were foreign. 2 of them were Libyans.

Al-Masri Roundabout:  Skirmishing.

Al-Karak Quarter: Ditto.

Al-Bajaabja Quarter: Ditto.

Naaziheen Camp: A nest was disrupted and 2 rats killed.  No names.

Old Customs Building to the northwest: We have a report of 8 rodents killed and over 20 rodents surrendering.

Bilaal Al-Habashi Mosque:  Confirmed 29 rats killed here with an undisclosed number of wounded.

Shoe Factory: Skirmishing. No details.

Electronic Postal System Building. Ditto.

Al-Seeba Quarter northwest of Al-Karak Quarter: Ditto.



An attack on a military checkpoint was foiled and all attackers killed or wounded.  Battle took less than 20 minutes.  Monzer reports more than 12 rodents killed. No more details.

Fighting reported in all these areas:  Al-Yadoodaa,


  • Al-Lijaat, West ‘Itmaan, Tafass (weapons and ammo seized), Simleen, North Tibna, Nawaa, Taseel, National Forest, Ghabaagheb (foiled infiltration), Khirbat Ghazaala (foiled infiltration), Al-Musayfira, Daa’el, Al-Kassaara, Umm Al-‘Awsaj, Al-Zabaabeer.

All saw fighting the day before yesterday, yesterday and today in OPERATION GATES OF HELL.

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Level 2 - Veteran

As always – Ziad, thank you for this update.

Good luck to SAA.


Level 8 - Legatus Legionis

This is a big blow to rats plan on the pathetic southern front, 100+ dead is a substantial nbr. Well done SAA and NDF.

Armenian Genocide = 1.5 million Deaths
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Armenian Genocide = 1.5 million Deaths

I hate it when the Syrian army takes prisoners!