مقتل 40 إرهابياً في هجوم فاشل.. وتدمير أوكار لهم في ريف حمص

Yesterday, SyrPer confirmed the execution of 3 shivering rodents who wanted to escape the tyranny of the Nusra cannibals but were evidently shot by a “commander” before they could contact the Reconciliation Committees or Mayor Baraazi.  The photo above shows 2 of the rats after they were taken to a wall and shot at point blank in Jubb Al-Jandali (SANA).

Jubb Al-Jandali:

The entire school complex and all areas northeast of Al-Waleediyya School are now firmly in the hands of the Syrian Army.  There also was an attempt a few hours ago by the Nusra rodents to return to these buildings by opening mortar fire on our soldiers.  It didn’t work and they had to return to their sewers to try another day.


Baab Hood:

A nest of vipers was rudely shaken up by uncouth SAA infantrymen East of the Vital Statistics Building on Al-Dhahabi Avenue.  No details about fatalities.

Al-Qaraabees:  4 rats surrendered and begged for acceptance into the Amnesty Program.

Manookh Village:  Skirmishing with no details.

Al-Mushrifa, Tal-Qutri, Tal ‘Umri and ‘Ayn Al-Danaaneer:  SANA reported over 40 dead rats here and among them 5 leaders.

Umm Al-Sarj Qibli: (As a note to readers, the word “qibli” refers to the “Qibla” in Mecca.  Hence the word means “South Mother of the Saddle”):  2 rats died here and 2 were taken prisoner.

North Umm Al-Sarj: Skirmishing with no details.

مقتل متزعم

Fighting reported in these areas:

  • Al-Ghantu, Tulool Al-Hawaa, Al-Ghajar, Hawsh Hajju, Al-Sa’an, ‘Ayn Hussayn, Talbeesa, South Al-Qaryatayn, Al-Jawmaqliyya, Al-Baarida East of Al-Qaryatayn, Abu-Al-Tataabeer, Umm Sahreej, Al-Ghaasibiyya (An IED with a 200kg payload was dismantled by SAA engineers on the road to Al-Mushrifa), Dayr Fool (a nest destroyed), West Habra, East Habra (a reported 14 dead rats), Jubb Jabal Tadmur.


Daarat ‘Izza – Awram Road; SAA demolishes a convoy of rats in 8 vans with 3 oil tankers loaded with explosives just west of Al-Baab.  The number of dead rats is being assessed now, but, the explosion was so massive the bodies are dismembered with some witnesses mistakenly thinking a barrel bomb was dropped.

Ba’eedeen:  A barrel bomb was dropped here perfectly over the heads of the slimy rats below. It was detonated in the air just before it landed by a special device sensitive to air pressure.  The metal shards inside did a superb job of shredding the rodents.  No assessment of rat fatalities available now.

Al-Ansaari Quarter:  A reported 10 or 11 rats killed in a firefight.  No names.

Al-Layramoon:  When this falls in a few days, it will herald the very end of the rat dominance over parts of northern Aleppo.  Yesterday and during the night, special operations commandos using night vision equipment sniped over 20 rodents belonging to Jabhat Al-Islam and the Nusra pack.

Fighting reported here:  Handaraat, Al-Jandool, Industrial Zone NW, Central Prison, Shaykh Sa’eed at the Factories, Al-Sukkari, Huraytaan, Dhahrat ‘Abed Rabbuh, Kafr Hamraa, Mannagh, Firdaws Quarter, Tal Jabeen, Al-Jaabiriyya Quarter, Castillo, Sayf Al-Dawla and ‘Ali Birri Compound.




تدمير وكر متزعمي الإرهابيين في تلبيسة.. وخسائر كبيرة بصفوفهم في حي الوعر

Sirmeen:  2 flatbeds with 23mm machine gun cannons were destroyed.  All 9 rodents were foreigners from Chechnya and Daghestan.

Saraaqeb:  All rats in a nest were killed:

  • Ma’moon Fakhri
  • Haseeb Juraadi
  • Mustafaa Shammaama
  • Khaaled Abu-Nasraa
  • Hishaam ‘Abdul-Raheem
  • Faheem Muhammad

Another 4 could not be identified.


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Level 1 - Novice

What happen with the “Amnesty Program” rats? Please tell me they will be executed 🙂

Level 0 - Anonymous

Agreed with Maria. We are all extremely angry and sad about what happened in Syria. But we cannot go down to there level. If some of them want honest amnesty and a return to normal civilian life, we should do anything to encourage what would help this War to end.