The Syrian Army is demolishing the defenses set up by the Nusra carnival freaks around Rankoos.  I have been informed by Monzer that the defenses are laughable, set up in haste and without hope of any resupply or reinforcement.  The NDF is everywhere expecting rodents to begin surrendering as more armor from the Republican Guard keeps unloading off huge transports.

The SAA has taken control over Radar Hill overlooking all Rankoos killing 17 rodents and taking 34 prisoner. The SAA is also atop the Musaytba Summit.

  • Jalaal Al-Muqarrab
  • ‘Abdul-Khaaleq Na’washa
  • Raami Badraan
  • Suhayb Al-Shaaker
  • Muhammad Dhubyaan
  • Ahmad Qudaamaa
  • Tharwaat Shibli
  • ‘Umar Siraajeddeen 

The rest of the carcasses were not identified because they did not have documents or the documents were invalid.

SAA has established unchallenged control over the Associations Neighborhood and all southern entryways into the town.

According to Monzer, rat deaths here in this particular area were over 30.  Many of the rodents are slipping away deeper into the countryside in the hope they can scurry to their Zionist overlords or to melt into the landscape.


Western entryway into the town was taken by the SAA from the Jaysh Al-Islam which was annihilated.  Just clean-up.


‘Ayn Turma:  SAA killed these jackals:

  • ‘Abdul-Kareem Al-Rayyis
  • Fu’aad Munayyer
  • Ghudhanfar Al’-Ali
  • Mustafaa Al-Jundi
  • Hasan Abu ‘Aai`sha



Big operation resulted in many weapons and ammunition for NDF. THANK YOU, ERDOGHAN.


‘Aaliya Farms:  The Martyrs of the Guiding Light Brigade (Kateebat Shuhadaa` Al-Hudaa, yawn) lost these:

  • Firaas Al-Kalhoos
  • Bilaal Ja’rash



At the Institutions’ Building, SAA killed this lone rodent:

  • Sameer ‘Ataayaa


Adraa Town:  Jabhat Al-Islam wiped out in a firefight with SAA and NDF. Weapons and ammunition confiscated for NDF:

  • Salaah Al-Shatti
  • Saamer Shihaada
  • Raa`ed Harb


Zabadaani Plain:  Weapons and Ammunition seized again in a banner day for the NDF:

  • Radhwaan Al-Maghribi
  • ‘Abdul-Fattaah Bakri



At the Al-‘Alaali and Associations District, the SAA killed these:

  • Naaseef Al-Butayha
  • Zaahi Haffaar
  • ‘Abdullah Al-Jaraad
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