The captain of this cruise ship the Lady Busum boobed after driving onto a sand bank.

The wrong turn meant that the 136 passengers on board were left stranded for eight hours before rescuers could rig up a way of getting them to safety.

The cruise ship was stranded between Busum and Cuxhaven near the small island of Trischen in Germany after it beached on the sand and then was left high and dry as the tide went out.

After the passengers were rescued the ship crew had to wait until the tide came back again when they were able to get the ship of the sandbank under its own steam.

A rescue worker said: “Two passengers were rescued earlier due to medical reasons and were taken to land for medical treatment. It was an upsetting experience.”

The boat was then sent into dock to check to see if it had been damaged by the incident.

River police have launched an enquiry to work out what went wrong and how it was that the cruise ship ended up beached.


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