SYRIAN PERSPECTIVE IS CONFIRMING THAT THE TOWN OF AL-SAMRAA IS ON THE VERGE OF FALLING INTO THE HANDS OF THE SAA.  Syrian Perspective has an exclusive look into this area as our source, Wael, is nearby with NDF.  The town’s most important building, its police department, now flies the flag of the republic.  Nothing the Erdoghani Turks are doing is having an effect on the Syrian Army’s rout of their terrorist rat allies.  We can also confirm to you that the coast down from Al-Samraa is rat free completely.  No trace of rodents on the sandy beaches.  Anybody remember the BBC’s boring reports about an “outlet to the sea”?  Oh, yeah. Wow. It’s over.  Also, Wael reports that rats are trying to relocate in the orchards around the town in the hope they can make it back to Turkey. Chechens are reportedly abandoning the Syrian front which seems increasingly daunting for them.  We will have more on this as information is sent.  We told you it would be liberated in 72 hours.  We will stick to our timetable. ZAF

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