The British government has been instrumental in turning a backwater “news” source, run by an intellectual midget with scant linguistic ability, into a front line manufacturer of “facts” for major media outlets whose sole purpose is disseminating propaganda about the Syrian conflict, the Syrian army, the president, Dr. Assad, and the role of “apocalyptic Shi’ism” from Hizbollah to Iran.  All this is actually part of an American CIA – psyops operation which reared its Medusa-like head in 2007 with the plan to destroy Syria as hatched by Robert Ford and his other minions of mayhem in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, England, France and Turkey.  But, it couldn’t be implemented until the start of the disastrous “Arab Spring”.

Britain needed a dwarf to carry out its plans. It needed a factotum whose loyalty and adherence to protocol was unassailable.  It needed someone whose very life would depend on Britain’s indulgence, thus, insuring loyalty even more. Enter: one named Usaamaa Sulaymaan, a Banias-born malcontent and felon who adopted the nom-de-plume of Raami Abdul-Rahmaan.

This New York Times photo purports to be taken in Abdul-Rahman’s home in Coventry.  For all we know, it is probably on the back lot of Shepperton Studios.

Let it be known that this so-called Abdul-Rahman cannot return to Syria unless the Ba’ath government is ousted.  That alone is sufficient impetus for him to work to undermine Syria’s sovereignty and independence.  An outstanding felony warrant awaits him if he ever steps on the tarmac at Damascus International Airport.  A new charge of treason or sedition will also be added to the amended bill of arraignments.  The British, always dispassionate about such things, ensure his fealty by reminding him of how governments sometimes trade one miscreant for another in the robust world of international relations. Ahem.

Abdul-Rahman claims to work by himself out of his home in Coventry. He is described by the NYT as having multiple cellphones in his hands to maintain communication with his “sources” inside Syria. He has sacrificed a normal family life for another kind of sacrificial act borne by love of God, country and oodles of Qatari cash.  The entire narrative is pure folderol.

The NYT, no stranger to lying and propaganda, claimed that he had 4 accomplices who gather intel from 230 other activists “on the ground”.  But, we ask: “What ground?” And all this begs the question: “Do these 230 activists operate with the knowledge of the Syrian security services?”  We think not.  We don’t even think there are 2 sources for Mr. Abdul-Rahman in Syria.  People who assist in smuggling information out of Syria are risking serious security violations that can land them in the dock to face charges of espionage and sedition.  No! I’m afraid he has no such sources.

In the NYT propaganda piece of April 10, 2013, Neil MacFarquhar, alleges that Abdul-Rahman contacts medical doctors by Skype.  Amazingly, these doctors speak to this miscreant without any fear of the very ubiquitous and efficient Syrian counter-intelligence agencies.  Hilariously, the NYT reporter even suggests that this rube calls Alawites on the coast to obtain Intel about events in Syria. Can anybody believe this?  All telephone calls to and from Syria are monitored.   People with experience will tell you that even discussing politics on the telephone can result in the line disconnecting. So how does he do it?

Abdul-Rahman claims to have fled Syria in the year 2000, when Hafez Al-Assad died and Dr. Bashar Al-Assad assumed power.  He claims he left after 2 of his “associates” were detained in that same year.  He paid a human trafficker money to “smuggle” him into England where the government, out of the kindness of its heart, resettled him in Coventry.  Coventry?  Why?  Why did the British government accept him after he was smuggled into the country illegally?

Abdul-Rahman’s papers showed he applied for political asylum.  But, it was more than that.  He even offered to work for MI6 (they must have thought he was incorrigibly dimwitted)  but wound up connected to the British Foreign Office which encouraged his work to overthrow the government of the Ba’ath Party.  In the NYT article,  referred to in the foregoing, Abdul-Rahman admits to receiving money from the EU and another European country whose identity he would not disclose.  That country is Britain.  And he got even more money from Qatar in 2011-2012 and, then, Saudi Arabia.  He visited Qatar several times to coordinate with the feckless Aljazeera and to collect much-needed funds to fatten up his bank accounts in the Isle of Man.

Abdul-Rahman has enough money now to move out of his red-brick hovel in Coventry, but, if he did, he would not look like the cuddly, but somewhat mangy-looking, busy-beaver with the revolutionary’s zeal any more.  No doubt, his British handlers have warned him about conspicuous consumption and how that can lead to a public relations’ quagmire.

Abdul-Rahman is not allowed, qua felon, to conduct business in Syria.  He is not allowed to receive information in Syria.  Any person caught aiding him is considered a co-felon in violation of the following laws:

1.  Disseminating fabricated news whose purpose is to demoralize the psychology of the people;

2.  Weakening nationalist feelings;

3.  To disturb excellent relations with foreign countries;

4.  Espionage.

I have been informed by people who would know such things that Abdul-Rahman gets his information from the following:

1. MI6 operatives in Turkey, especially at Incirlik and Gaziantep who, in turn, receive some intel from the CIA or MIT (Turkish Intelligence);

2. Local Coordinating Committees in Lebanon who are fakers, the lot;

3. British Foreign Office based on trial balloons it wants to kite for some political purpose in coordination with CIA or Foggy Bottom;

4. Refugees in Lebanon, mostly;

5. Aljazeera;

6. His Ouija Board.

So why does he get quoted by the NYT, WP, BBC, CNN, and even, Alalam and Al-Mayadin (whom one would think would know better)?

Because, as many readers know, the plot to oust the sitting government of Syria is coordinated with the Western Media who have been promised “exclusives” and “scoops” if they go along with the plan. In fact, some outlets like the New York Times are already on board with their Zionist programs coordinated with the Mossad Disinformation Desk.  The idea is presented like this:

“The Syrian Opposition must be supported by media to give the public the impression it is a serious movement that can supplant the government in Damascus.  Its relationship to the armed opposition must appear organic and coordinated.  In order to accomplish this, a source of information, emanating from the exile opposition with access to “actual sources inside the country” must be created and given constant coverage such that its pronouncements have the air of incontrovertible truth.  Its sole purpose is to create the image of an oppressed people struggling to achieve a Western-style democracy in the face of a stifling, minority-dominated tyranny.  Its purpose is to, also, give cover, when necessary, for foreign military involvment.”

Abdul-Rahman’s most important purpose, believe it or not, is to give moral support to the terrorist rats inside or outside Syria.  Let’s give an example:  If a battle erupts between the Syrian Army and the Jabhat Al-Nusra, both sides need to evaluate or assess the outcome.  This is important in order to know, at a minimum, that you’ve either won, lost or tied.  Abdul-Rahman satisfies the terrorist need to know such things by announcing “results” with completely fabricated figures about Syrian Army casualties. The more SAA casualties, the more the morale of the rodents is buoyed up.  So, now imagine, the BBC, a state-supported, non-objective news source announcing that the SOHR reported 8 terrorists and 14 Syrian Army soldiers killed.

The purpose is obvious.  Abdul-Rahman exists in order to give sustenance to the rats inside Syria who normally have no way of knowing how they are doing without the bloviations of the Western Media.

Abdul-Rahman uses wile to increase his credibility.  He will sometimes announce defeat for the rodents he supports so intensely.  Since he also claims to have sources right at the center of the action, any news he expectorates is given the imprimatur of sanctity.  With photos of this louse standing next to William Hague, the British F.M., people assume he’s merely influential with access to the deepest sources in England (they’re less likely to assume that he’s a mere chamberlain or a bag man for the boys at MI6).

Abdul-Rahman comes in a long line of propagandists whose credibility has been compromised by alert, focused analysts.  Like Danny Abdul-Dayem (“Syrian Danny”), another transplanted Syrian (maybe) who was caught choreographing staged scenes about the Syrian Army’s assault on rat-infested Homs, or Anderson Cooper, whose career should have been ruined by the revelation he was complicit in Danny’s Goebbels-like propaganda, Abdul-Rahman continues to navigate the polluted waters of English balderdash for both money and the privilege of living in Coventry.

So, why does Alalam and Al-Mayaadin quote him?  That the luster-less Daily Star, a CIA-LebaneseForces rag, quotes him is completely understandable.  But, how could the Pan-Arab, Nasserist Al-Mayaadeen do it?  Simple. They just don’t know any better.  When they don’t have a reporter in a battle zone, they quote Abdul-Rahman because his Quija Board gives the details to fill up a news page.

Remember the syllogism?

All Syrians living in Coventry are liars.

Rami Abdul-Rahman is a Syrian living in Coventry.

Therefore, Rami Abdul-Rahman is a liar.

































Fadi sends this tape of the ambush set for the rat traitor Assad Al-Khateeb in Rankoos. Enjoy:







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Wolfgang Rettig
Level 1 - Novice

Ziad, before I take my time to diligently study above background information, I just want to say, again, again, again: Thank you for the precious work with SyrPer, Twitter, facebook! Best reward for all your efforts might be, I presume, Yabroud victory. Thank you for immediately going forward to the next piece of intellectual analysis. No time to be wasted with too much celebrating, right. It is far more than the military, weaponry, tactics. It is an info war raging around the globe, with Syria bloodbath being the momentary focus. I admire your intellectual and linguistic performance, your dedication to… Read more »

Level 0 - Anonymous

Well done Counselor!! A clear concise presentation against a tool.

BUT you left out one thing in your summary and closing of your argumentative essay.


It would not be a surprise if ,somewhere down the line, you are lauded for your linguistic efforts by the Syrian government.Your passion comes right thru your words.

Level 1 - Novice

Excellent post.
The war on Syria has revealed the complete corruption of western media.
During the war on Iraq, at least Reuters, the Guardian, and BBC had some factual reporting.
Finding accurate reports about Syria took a long time.
I didn’t find SyrPer until the end of 2012 (from a report on BreakingNews.sy, I think–google wasn’t very helpful, big surprise).

In other news, here’s a nice photo of Fayssal Mikdad and Sigrid Kaag:

Her awesome legs are really distracting!
Maybe that’s the point, eh?
But she appears to have a lot more integrity than most of the UN gang.

Level 8 - Legatus Legionis

It is indeed a dirty war, done by dirty people, dirty countries, dirty main stream media and dirty intentions, but they had no idea they were dealing with Syria, and Syrians are a different kind of people. Well done Ziad, thank you for what you do.

Level 7 - Tribunus Angusticlavius

Love your comments Ziad, you have a witty sense of humor, especially when you translate their name, seems we’re not far apart in age when you refer to excerpts from the 3 stooges etc.. we think alike my friend, logically and with proof.