Rankoos: SyrPer has received a memorandum this morning around 4:00 a.m. EST that the town of Rankoos is firmly in the hands of the SAA. The operation was swift and the rats were even swifter in their escape toward the Lebanon.  Monzer says that 28 carcasses were counted inside the town, but, that much work is to be done to comb it and remove booby traps and mines laid by the enemy.  The SAA is now on its way to Mushrifa.


رفع العلم السوري فوق قلعة الحصن.. قيادة الجيش: انهيار متسارع في معنويات العصابات الإرهابية

SAA hoists the flag and celebrates the victory at Krak des Chevaliers

Al-Hissn area: 11 more rodents were dispatched trying to escape to the Lebanon as the noose has tightened in the area between Tal Kalakh and Waadi Khaaled. We have reports that more border police and NDF are taking positions at unorthodox smuggling routes to prevent any further encroachments.

Also, a SAA commander announced the death of a major J.N. rat commander at Al-Hissn:

Ayman Dandashi (a/k/a Abu Sulaymaan)



Government forces regroup in the village of al-Hosn, near the Krak des Chevaliers castle (L) after they recaptured the Crusader fortress from rebels on March 20, 2014 marking a significant advance in their drive to seal the Lebanese border and sever rebel supply lines.

SAA fighters outside the Citadel in Al-Hissn plan a new operation

Al-Sa’an:  An attack on a military outpost here went nowhere. The rats were immediately overpowered. 4 rodents killed and 3 confirmed wounded.  The others escaped.

Bayt Suwayss: Skirmishing with no details.

Ilkam: No details about skirmishing here.

South Al-Mashjar and Talbeesa: no details about skirmishing.


Kasab at the border checkpoint:  This beautiful, formerly Armenian village, famous for its summer cafes and peerless, delicious sausages became a meat grinder for creeping rats as they tried to infiltrate the town from 3 points originating in Turkish-occupied Syria (Hatay).  The group was made up of Jabhat Al-Nusra and Al-Jabha Al-Islamiyya scavengers.  All 17 were killed including their AMEER (“commander”) who was identified as:

Taareq Farraaja.  

4 pick-ups with 23mm cannons were destroyed.







Latakia – Idlib Highway: A confirmed 39 rodents were exterminated in a 4-hour long battle involving SAAF air power.  Finally, the SAA commander managed to push the offending rodents into the direction of a checkpoint where a battalion of our fighters were positioned – sprung the trap on them and killed the whole pack.  2 flatbeds with 23mm cannons were seized and 5 IEDs in their possession were dismantled.

IDLIB:  Fighting reported in Kafr Roomaa, Saraaqeb and Qumaynaas.


Fighting reported in these areas:  Jadal Village, Al-Hijja, Simleen, Taseel – Nawa Road (infiltration foiled) and Taseel – Sahm Road (11 rats killed).


Central Prison: SAA took the war to the rats, again.  No details.

Industrial Zone to the North-West, Handaraat, Al-Burayj, Al-Jandool Roundabout, Tal-Jibreen, Hanaanu Residencies, Ba’eedeen Roundabout, Al-Mansoor Roundabout, ‘Ibteen, Al-Layramoon, Old City, Al-Mashhad, ‘Azzaan, Al-Haydariyya, Kafr Hamraa, Al-Shaykh Sa’eed, ‘Anadaan, ‘Anjaara, Sharba’, Baabees, Kuwayris, ‘Irbeed and Al-Judayda.

It is impossible to get detailed reports from Aleppo because the situation is very fluid and nobody has time to send reports.  I am doing my best to get more substance, but, there are li




Lew Rockwell treats McCain with utter amazement with a soupcon of acid:







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