Syrian Perspective can confirm the complete liberation of Al-Hissn.  As of this morning, SAA is conducting neighborhood sweeps to find cringing rats most of whom are from foreign countries.  Last night, 77 rodents surrendered to SAA and security, some having the temerity to ask for consideration under the Amnesty law.

As we wrote after the fall of Al-Zaara, SAA began to redeploy north to the nearby Al-Hissn area to finish off the rat scourge along the border with the Lebanon.  Yesterday, with no fanfare or announcement, a wave of infantrymen took positions around the town and opened fire on all moving rats.  This was followed by pin-point mortar and Howitzer shelling from artillery pieces taken from the Al-Haraki base that shattered the ranks of the vermin inside he city. Then, with bold suddenness, T-72 tanks and Shilkas entered the fray from the southeast and southwest and killed hundreds of miserable rats as they prepared to escape westwards toward Waadi Khaaled.  They couldn’t make it.

As of now, there are about 100 or more rodents inside the Krak de Chevalier fortress.  They are fighting for their lives – as they should because these foreign microbes are going straight to Hell, non-stop.  However, the actual is site is priceless so the SAA will have to exercise caution in approaching it.

If you look at the map, you’ll notice the Krak is right in the middle of the town.  It will not be easy to recapture it without causing much destruction.  The rats have stored munitions and provender.  A siege will likely take a long time.



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