Syrian army is improving against al-Nusra Front militants in Qalamoun region.


Al-Zaara:  Continuing efforts by trapped rodents in this crucial town on the Leb border are creating greater opportunities to cull the population. Yesterday, we are pleased to announce the departure of these from the temporal world:



‘Imaad Muhamad Al-Majdhoob

Mustafaa ‘Ali Sahnaawi

Bassaam Mustafaa Al-Mir’iy

Naader Sha’baan Al-Yusuf

Jaaber Hassan Muhammad

‘Abdul-Lateef Mu’assab

‘Azzaam Saleem Al-Dikku

Another 16 could not be identified and are presumed to be foreign. No prisoners.

Al-Qaraabees:  More mop-up here as citizens come out from their closets to point out locations of rat nests. The day before yesterday, SAA killed 5 in this nest.

Al-Qusoor:  NDF helped police to track down drugged-up foreign mercenary vultures killing 7 and taking 1 prisoner: (See map above)

“Abu Bilaal Al-Homsi” (Id pending)

No other names available.

Jawrat Al-Shiyyaah: See map above. Some mop-up with no details.

Qumayra Village near Tal Kalakh:  6 nests of rodents were attacked and destroyed in a coordinated assault backed by SAAF and artillery at Tal Kalakh. Soldiers from the Army Base at Masyaf participated in this rout. Confirmed 13 rodents killed but no data on prisoners.

Al-Mushayrifa:  An attack on the water depot was foiled with the help of citizens tired of having rats pretend to fight for them while depriving them of water and electricity.  4 rats killed and 2 taken prisoner. No names.

Old City at the Irrigation Creek (Saaqiyat Al-Rayy), no details.

Al-Sa’an: 6 nests of rodents destroyed near the Convalescent Home for the Elderly.  There, the J.I. had a training ground.  SAA destroyed 4 pick-ups with 23mm machine gun cannons. 2 of the cannons were spared and were given to NDF to use to kill Saudis.

Bayt Hajju:  Fighting with no details.

‘Uyoon Hussayn:  Ditto.

Talbeesa: Near the Athletic Arena, 2 vultures killed. No names.


Abu Al-‘Anz Farms in Talbeesa area:  Some clean-up.

Al-Tayyiba in the Al-Hoolaa: A 23mm Bandar-cannon mounted on a Toyota pick-up was confiscated from drug-addled hyenas. No names.

Kafr Laahaa:  At the cement warehouse, a nest containing 3 flatbeds with mounted 23mm machine gun cannons were destroyed in a firefight.  All 9 rodents were killed:

Shaafi’ Bustanji

Muhammad Juroodi

Zaaher ‘Abdul-Kareem

Ahmad Al-Moussaa

Radhwaan Shahroor

Wafeeq Yameen

Maalek Al-Abrash

Daawood Salaahi

Majdeddeen Tujqaan

Daar Al-Kabeera: About to fall to freedom. No details about firefight.

Keeseen: Ditto.

Burj Qaa’iy:  Ditto.

Taldu in the Al-Hoola: SAA sent these vermin to a burning Hell:

Yahyaa ‘Awadh

Muhammad Hammaada

‘Adnaan Al-Qaassem

Husaam ‘Abdul-Kareem ‘Alloosh

Al-Rastan at the Al-Samoodi Farms: No info about fighting.

Umm Al-Reesh and Rasm Al-Arnab in the east rural area: Clean-up with no details.

Al-Wa’ar Farms:  No details.

Al-Ghaasibiyya in the Al-Hoolaa. Ditto.

Jubb Al-Jarraah:  At or near the Abu-Hawaadeed Village and Umm Sahreej. More clean-up.


Abu-Dhuhoor near the airbase, SAA foiled an attempt to explode a booby-trapped car by causing its explosion with an RPG and, thus, preventing the slaughter of innocent civilian lives.

Majalyaa:  32 rats confirmed killed as SAAF and SAA rattle their cages in a stunning dawn assault.  Names to be sent.


AbdulIah al-Bashir al-Noeimi

Well, he looks as stupid as he is.  This former “brigadier general” is ‘Abdul-Ilaah Al-Basheer Al-Nu’aymi of the not so illustrious clan of Al-Nu’aymi associated with the area of Al-Qunaytra.  He deserted his post in the Syrian army on July 13,2012 with 3 others from his syphilis-ridden family of troglodytes:  ‘Adnaan Al-Rafee’, Saaleh Al-Hammaada Al-Nu’aymi and Saaleh Al-Nu’aymi.  He was appointed head of the FSA Council in Qunaytra until he found out that he could not hold the fort there and absconded with his terrorists to the safety of Erdoghan’s Turkey.  His stinking rat son Talaal was killed by the SAA in Qunaytra on November 26, 2013.

He is viewed as an inept officer whose duties before his desertion were limited to scanning military food cans and testing Dr. Assad’s dinners for poison.  He has little field command experience.  He will be perfect for the American terrorist enablers in Turkey – a shoe-shine boy.



Idrees tries to inveigle his way back to the SAA with this show of pique. What an ultramaroon:

















One of our readers feels strongly about getting this video to go viral because it explains U.S. machinations in the Ukraine:
















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