Al-Barda’iyyaat:  A town in the area of Al-Zaaraa is now in the hands of the SAA and NDF as the preparations for all-out assault continue:



We can confirm from telecom intercepts that more than 200 rodents were killed yesterday under the blistering storm of artillery and air power unleashed on the rodents in this largely abandoned town. Fellow rats, anxious to join the fight in Lebanon, are seen massing in Waadi Khaaled, Lebanon, with no hope of entering Syria as the border is now protected by thousands of NDF,  border police and SAA.  4-wheel drive vehicles which are useful on tough terrain near Der’ah or Damascus are useless here even for automobile commercials.  They have to take the main routes into the country which have been made impassable and impossible by very experienced defense forces.



Tal Kalakh:  A lone rodent holdout and terrorist wannabe was gunned down trying to escape certain capture by security forces.  He was pointed out by citizens who had had enough of their stinking presence:



Yusuf Midhaat Al-Sagheer


Al-Ghantu:  SAA surrounded a pick-up with a 23mm machine gun cannon and ordered the 3 occupants out.  They waited too long and were killed:



Ahmad Junayni

Sa’ad Barakaat

Muhammad Sahlab


Hannoora Village Junction on the main road between Homs and Palmyra (Tadmur):  4 IEDs with 40kg payloads loaded with C-4 were dismantled after their location was pointed out by surrendering rats in Sakaara Village.



Sakaaraa Village: Yesterday, I was going to report 200 or more rats surrendering to security services in this town on Saturday.  The number appears to be 211 based on SANA’s report as sent to me by one of our readers.  They have all been accepted into the Amnesty program (Decree No. 70/2013).



Daar Al-Kabeera:  Skirmishing with remnant rodents leads to 5 deaths and 12 surrendering.  No names.



Al-Qaraabees in the City of Homs: 14 confirmed rat deaths.  Many of these were from North African countries with operational names.  Their identities may not be confirmed because NDF cremated about 7 of them in order to avoid health problems.  Syrians were taken to a morgue:




Mustafaa Ahmad Zaynu

‘Abdul-Majeed ‘Abdullah Safar

Hishaam ‘Ali Al-Shaykh




Fertilizer bags lay serenely in the fields outside Homs to become reborn as fecal weeds and tulips.  Who knows?…some might become useful vegetables.  


South Tal Al-Hussayn: Skirmishing with no details.


Jabal Al-Shaa’er:  3 4-wheel drive pickups loaded with weapons destroyed and all rodents killed. All belonged to ISIS.  Having to move weapons on such turf is a sign that the SAA is succeeding in blocking main routes for smuggling.  These rats clearly came from Iraq where the Iraqi army went gangbusters on them yesterday:






Qudsayyaa in the Golan: 


Marches in al-Nabek and Qudsaiya in support of army, against terrorism

Huge demonstration in Qudsayyaa brings thousands to the streets demanding an end to the rat presence in this country.  Can anyone deny an longer Syrian loyalty to the flag?  



Kafr Soussaa and Al-Luwaan:  In Damascus, this affluent suburb (the site of ‘Imaad Mughniyya’s assassination) also exploded in demonstrations yesterday as citizens poured out in total security with other residents of Al-Luwaan to urge the army to go on killing rodents all over Damascus.



Yabrood in the Qalamoon:  Devastating defeat to Jabhat Al-Nusra as SAA has killed a confirmed 319 rodents in this town.  Monzer says the army is now ready to move in and liberate the nuns held hostage inside.  The SAA knows exactly where they are from citizen information.  The rats here took a drubbing yesterday to the south as they tried to break the siege layed down by the SAA.  This is a major story about to unfold.  Most of the rats were killed on Al-‘Areedh Street (Wide Road) as they converged in convoys of pickups and flatbeds.  Artillery strikes were devastatingly accurate.



Ra’s Al-‘Ayn:  No rat-stats yet, but the SAA and NDF killed 8 from the Jabhat Al-Islamiyya here.




‘Ayn Al-Khadhra: Skirmishing with no details.  Reports indicate they were all foreigners.




Al-Sarkha: Fighting with no details.


Jub’adeen:  13 foreign rats surrendered.  They may actually get sent back to their country of origin.



‘Adraa Extension area:  Al-Jabha Al-Islaamiyya was crushed here.  A pickup with a 23mm cannon was destroyed and all 4 bearded rats killed:



‘Adraa Workers’ Residencies at the Al-Baaz Fuel Station, Al-Jabhat Al-Islaamiyya


Anas Al-Kiswaan


Jawbar at the Teachers’ Tower, Al-Khansaa` School and the Hafezh Al-Assad Southern By-pass Highway,  12 rodents killed and a back-hoe destroyed.


Jawbar at Burj Fateena:  3 rats killed.



Jawbar:  To the east of the Electric Company:  Police action as terrorists tried to steal a car ostensibly to rig it with explosives. No details.


Khaan Al-Shaykh:  Clean-up results in 3 rats surrendering.



Waadi ‘Ayn Turma:  2 killed and 7 surrendering.




Al-Qadam:  In Port Sa’eed Quarter and Al-Maadinya:  No details about fighting here.






DER’AH: The big surprise is coming to the U.S. very soon.  News just in: a large American transport plane has landed in the fabled land of fantasies, Jordan, at Al-Mafraq, to deliver new weapons to the useless rodents trained by the U.S. and its CIA contractors.  UNITED STATES’ WAR CRIMES ARE MOUNTING.  JORDAN’S KING PROVEN LIAR EXTRAORDINAIRE.


‘Itmaan Junction:  An attack on an SAA checkpoint was a failure.  This was the work of the illustrious Kateebat Al-Imaam (The Imam’s Brigade, yawn), a branch of the Jabhat Al-Nusra.  They lost 2 mortars, 4 4-wheelers all festooned with 23mm machine gun cannons.  These flatbeds are becoming increasingly useless as SAA and NDF deploy weapons more than adequate to incinerate the occupants. 14 rats were killed here:



Muhammad Ghaaleb Al-Masri

“Abu Hudhayfa” (Another classic early Muslim Companion’s name used by bearded apes)

Shurahbeel Abu-Furayha (JORDANIAN BANANA BUG)

Muhammad Al-Aswad

Sultaan Al-‘Abed

‘Umar ‘Ali Al-Tawsha

Daawood Saleem Al-Jabboor


Another 7 were not identified.


Khirbat Ghazaala: Another flop for checkpoint Abu-Charley as soldiers knew of the attack and prepared for it.  No stats available.



Old Customs Building at the West Entryway:  The SAA and security killed 5 rats and took 2 prisoner as they carried the battle to the congregating hyenas.  Total surprise:


‘Adnaan Al-Sarraaf


The other 4 were foreigners.  Probably Arabian apes.



Al-Karak Quarter at the Water Tower and the Bilaal Al-Habashi Mosque, Al-Khaleel and the Yarmouk School:  A reported 28 dead rats in fighting as SAA clears the town.  No names.



Al-Hiraak:  In the area of the garages, a pickup and auto loaded with weapons were seized.



West Al-Ghaariyya:  2 rats killed by NDF:



Yusuf Ahmad Al-Salaama

Saleem Ahmad Hussayn


East Al-Ghaariyya:  No details about a skirmish with NDF.


Saydaa:  No details.


City:  The Salafist front in Jordan has admitted to losing 3 of their Jordanian skunks yesterday in fighting with other vermin here. We have no names.





القوات النظامية مدعمة بقوات الدفاع الوطني سيطرت على قرية الأشرفية جنوب مدينة السفيرة في محافظة حلب




Major victory for Operation Canopus Star as the SAA has announced the complete cleansing of the Al-Ashrafiyya Quarter of Aleppo.  No more rats.  With this triumph, the city of Aleppo is now 70% in the hands of the SAA.  The rats apparently figured they could not hold on to their positions with the SAA advancing with new reinforcements from the Syrian Third Army Corps and withdrew.


Al-Raa’iy Neighborhood:  26 cockroaches of the Liwaa` Al-Tawheed (Brigade of Monotheism, yawn)  were killed on Saturday at the hands of ISIS.  Their leader went with them.  ISIS used 2 suicide bombers to break the LT defenses:


‘Adnaan Bakkoor (rat leader of LT)


Fighting reported in all these areas in which rodents still crawl:


Al-Sukkari Quarter   

Karm Al-Muyassar







Central Prison area: Vans with weapons destroyed in offensive operation

Kuwayris Village





Shaykh Najjaar Industrial Zone

Nasrullah Village

Aleppo-Al-Raqqa Highway






Army eliminates Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in Lattakia

Nothing like a nice and very permanent siesta under the old oak tree.



Salmaa: Skirmishing with no details.


Marj Khawkaa:

Dooreen:  A cache of B-10 and B-7 rockets were uncovered and seized.  An oil tanker truck with stolen fuel was also confiscated.


Al-Duwayrka:  Details of fighting delayed.


Tirya:  Ditto.


Marj Khawkhaa: Ditto.


Waadi Hazreen:  This is ISIS at its worst: Completely incompetent.



Ahmad Madad

Radhwaan Al-Haaj




مقتل 40 إرهابياً في المليحة.. وانفجار سيارة أثناء تفخيخها في رنكوس





Lew Rockwell writes devastating commentary about U.S. war crimes in Iraq and rampant hypocrisy in both the U.S. and U.K.:


This is an okay listing of some major terrorist groups fighting in Syria by Reuters – one of the world’s biggest lying news agencies:






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Level 3 - Praetorian

Hello Ziad. Why would the foreign rat prisoners be “sent home”? I was very disappointed to read this. Surely they will just smuggle themselves back to Syria and continue terrorising the people?. LOve and peace to ya bro. Amir

Level 1 - Novice

Interesting news from the SSNP (Syrian Social Nationalist Party)’s views and their activities in the field:

The SSNP was one of the pioneers in the resistance against Israeli occupation of Lebanon.

Greetings from Germany

Level 1 - Novice

Hello Ziad, now that you are saying 70% of Aleppo is cleansed, do you think you could create another, whole map of Aleppo?

Another for the whole of the Damascus region would be excellent!

Keep up the great work. Thank you.

Level 2 - Veteran

I really think The Israeli and allies proxy criminal war against Syria ,could end in weeks ,if the support for the terrorist are cut. If Former Veterans of the IRAQ war ,tired of their government lies , Travel to Syria and help the Syrian Government in the security of their Country against Obama-kerry sponsored Alqaeda fighters. Just a hundred of American Veterans (representing the 9/11 victims ,and the american citizens who reject their Government policies in Syria) .will be enough to draw the attention world wide of the Wrong Policies of Obama ,but also republicans and democrats who are arming… Read more »

Level 6 - Praefectus

So apparently the demonic savage homunculi factions got together for peace talks between eachother, and one was strapped with a suicide vest LOL! An al-Qaeda ‘peace envoy’ in Syria has blown himself up among a rival militant group, killing 16 of them including two commanders, a new report says. The so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported on Sunday a militant from al-Qaeda’s Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) was sent to a group of rival militants, in al-Raei town in Aleppo, as a ‘peace envoy’ for negotiations. It was the second time the envoy was sent for… Read more »

Level 3 - Praetorian
Level 5 - Tribunus Militum

Western Imperialism wants all muslim countries destroyed, they never want to see these countries progress to a point of independence from Imperialism. Al Qaeda is a demolition team created by Western Imperialism to divide muslims, destroy muslim countries and be a handy object of terror the western elites can threaten their own populations with in order to remove civil liberties and implement a police state whereby dissent is not tolerated. And every now and then staged terrorist attacks in western cities are executed to reinforce these policies. We are all subjected to terror to reinforce elite control, we are all… Read more »

Level 0 - Anonymous

“Syrian” Human Right Watch says that 2300 Obama loving rebels died in infigthing just in January.

Rommel Jr.
Level 1 - Novice
Rommel Jr.

The only thing O’ milk-toast is doing is sending jihadists to their deaths. Americans do not trust O’ milk-toast and would rather focus on taking back our country from the libral swine then annexing Syria. Israel gives us enough problems being an “ally”.. Most Americans know we have wasted so much for the pigs in power since 911 and even before. Snuff all rats foreign or domestic.


US Senator John McCain and Alexei Pushkov, Chairman of Russia’s State Duma Committee for International Affairs have clashed over policy towards Syria during a live TV debate.
Watching the short clip at the BBC site one can hear McCain say the following (at 1:48):

We all know what happened in Syria. We were winning and then, of course, 5,000 Hizbollah came in …

Level 1 - Novice

Thank you Maria – great find! Now the whole flow of the war campaigns makes so much sense. He’s narrative is quite clarifying too.