I know Mr. Walid Mouallem from 3 meetings I had with him when he was the Syrian ambassador to Washington D.C.  Mr. Mouallem is a member of the Ba’ath Party and was nominally the head of the North American Ba’ath Oganization.  Because of his diplomatic duties, the day-to-day political operations of the Ba’ath were assigned to another person who single-handedly made a royal mess of things.  But, that only means that Mr. Mouallem was out of the picture and, therefore, out of blame’s way.


He struck me as a mild-mannered person who was accustomed to tolerating infinite varieties of obnoxiousness and unctuousness – a trait appropriate for someone who had to meet everyone on a daily basis….Wahhabist Saudi’s, Islamist Turks, Saudi-loving Frenchmen and the like.  One can almost feel pity for such a man that he has to truck with such bottom-feeding sand-suckers.


His natural timidity, a characteristic of many diplomats, was not on parade yesterday in Montreaux where he exploded in an effulgence of vitriol appropriate for the verminous hogslop seated on the other side of the rectangle that made up Geneva-2: Kerry, Jabra, Ban…..need I say more? It was a scene reminiscent of Madame Toussaud’s Wax Museum in London, their faces pasted on with funereal wax.  Only the slow movement of eyeballs gave evidence of life.  But he persisted anyways.  Here are the salient points raised in the speech as translated from the Ba’ath Party (SANA) text by your editor, Ziad.  We have excluded the exchange with Ban Ki-Moon over the amount of time Mr. Mouallem had exhausted in delivering his speech:





“The modern Syrian Arab Republic which some, who are seated here in this hall,  tried to propel back to the the Middle Ages….(the Syria) which takes pride in a tenacious Arabism despite what some Arabs, who were purportedly brothers, did…(the Syria) which is immersed in seven thousand years of history


“I have never stood any day in a more difficult place than this (for) upon my shoulders and the shoulders of the Syrian delegation are all the agonies of my country which have transpired over three years.  All the blood of martyrs…all the tears of bereaved mothers….all the bitterness in the mouth for those families waiting for a kidnapped or missing (relative)……every scream of a child terrified by a bomb aimed at his juvenescent fingertips during a class.  All the hopes of an entire generation that watches its dreams of a blossoming future  dashed before it.  Every courageous child of parents who was sent to defend the country.  Each scorching flame destroying the home of a family made displaced or homeless (var. refugees).


“On my shoulders and the shoulders of Syria’s delegation, Gentlemen, are also the hopes of the Syrian people for the coming years.  Every right of a child to go to school in security…and every woman to leave her home without fear of abduction or murder or rape….and every young person to build a future as he wishes…and every man to return to his children and home in safety and security.


“Today a moment of truth has come…the truth which some, systematically wanted to disappear through campaigns of distortion, misinformation, fabrication and lies only to arrive at the killing and terrorism.

It is the truth which insisted on taking shape to both he who is near and he who is far by virtue of our being here…..the delegation of the Syrian Arab Republic – representing the people, government, state, institutions and army…and President Bashar Al-Assad.


“I am sorry, Gentlemen, yes, sorry, and the people of stalwart Syria are sorry, that representatives of nations which this hall has brought together with us today have hands stained with the blood of Syrians.  Nations which exported terrorism and with it the “cheques of atonement” as though God arrogated to them (the ability) to usher this person into Paradise and the other person into Hell.  They prohibited the worshipers of God to visit the abodes of God…they encouraged, financed, cooperated, incited and widened the canonical laws and then stripped them as they wanted.  They didn’t look at their glass house – shattered into shards – before hurling stones at the fortified and noble citadels….and they began …and without any shame……to give us lessons in democracy, development and progressivism while they drowned in the Age of Ignorance, in backwardness.  So they permitted, prohibited, made legal and legislated, and committed blasphemy, and showered gifts and donations….and all that because they became accustomed to the fact that their country was chattel for a king or prince who gives what he wants of it and begrudges anyone whatever he doesn’t want (to give).


“They gave lectures about Syria…..The Perfect, High-born, Freeborn, Chaste Lady….they lectured about her honor whilst they drowned in the morass of enslaving captives, burying female newborns, and their own ignorance.  And after all that passed and after they failed to tear off the veil from the trembling faces so that the real face they wanted would be exposed ……a convulsion in Syria’s stability and her destruction by way of exporting their own most important national product….which is terrorism.  They used their petrodollars to buy weapons, to enlist mercenaries and to fill the void in the media with their lies in order to conceal the savagery of what they were doing under what they eventually called:  “The Syrian revolution which would address the demands of the Syrian people”.


“What is happening in Syria from all this?  How can a Chechen terrorist, or an Afghan, or a Saudi, or Turk or French or British terrorist bring to reality the demands of the Syrian people?  With what?  With an Islamist state that doesn’t know the first thing about Islam other than what they learned from deviant Wahhabism?  Who told you or them that the people of Syria look forward to a return to thousands of years in the past?


“Gentlemen, in Syria the bellies of pregnant women are sliced open, their fetuses are killed…women are raped (while the fetuses are living) and after their death, in a disgusting, deviant, hideous method, the only evidence given is that of those who export this kind of thought.  Oh Gentlemen, in Syria men are butchered in front of their children under what is called “Revolution”.  But, the worst of it is that children of those strangers who want to make real our aspirations are cheering and dancing.


“In Syria, he who devours the heart of a Syrian does so in order to realize the aspirations of his victim for a life of freedom, democracy, comfort and wholesomeness? –  as is alleged?  What kind of sarcasm or utterly mindless comedy is being foisted on us?


“Under the motto of “The Great Syrian Revolution”, civilians are murdered, the elderly, women and children.  The streets and institutions explode without any one asking the victims of these explosions what their political, ideological or intellectual attitudes are.  Books are burned along with libraries.  Graves are unearthed and artifacts are stolen.  Under what is called the “Revolution”…children are killed in their schools and young people in their universities.  Women’s abuse is made legal by deviant canonical pronouncements (fatwas).  And there are a multitude of titles for “Sex Jihad” to “Jihad of Incest” inter alia.  Mosques are bombarded while the prayerful are prostrate.  Heads are chopped off and strung up in the streets.  People are burned to death alive in a real Holocaust to be condemned by both history and many countries without being accused of anti-Semitism.  Under the title of ” The Revolution” a father blows himself up, his children and his wife with his own hands so that strangers won’t enter his home to liberate him from the oppression and yoke of the “regime”….. and, thus, they spread democracy….. as they claim.



Yes, Gentlemen, and most of you here are fathers of children.  Imagine what feelings would compel a father to kill his family with his own hands in order to protect them from monsters in the shape of humans claiming to be fighting for freedom.  This is what happend in Adraa.  Adraa, a place most of you have not heard of.  The strangers entered into it and killed, pillaged, hanged, butchered, raped and burned people while alive.  You may have heard nothing of it but you certainly heard about other places where they did what was done in Adraa.  They pointed their accusatory fingers, so stained with the blood of innnocents, at the state and the Syrian army.  And when this puerile lie wasn’t believed by anyone,  they stopped mentioning it altogether!  This is what their handlers wanted, those countries which hurled the spearhead into the body of Syria after they had done away with another.  They tried, over the blood of Syrians, to lord over the area with money, influence and the assumption of obligations in order to openly export to us monsters in the shape of humans who were inculcated in the despicable Wahhabist way of thinking and then to spread it throughout Syria. And here I say to you from this podium…you know, as I do, that they will never remain nor will they be satisfied with only Syria. However, some who are brought here by our conference don’t want to understand or heed a warning.


Gentlemen, all that has transpired could not have been realized even if a neighbor stood by a neighbor at a time of difficulty.  But neighbors during the crisis in Syria were either backstabbers from the North; or practicing silence over what they knew was right in the West; or weaklings, taking orders or carrying out directives from the South; or they were enfeebled by what others in the East had planned and implemented for them years ago in order to destroy them and to destroy Syria with them.


Everything that preceded could not have happened if the Erdoghan government hadn’t furnished its land for training, arming and exporting terrorism into Syria.  They closed their eyes to the fact that black magic can turn against the sorcerer on the same day.  And now, Turkey is tasting the onset of the bitterness in its cup.  Terrorism has no religion and no allegiance except to itself.  From “zero problems with neighbors” to “zero in foreign  relations” and zero in international diplomacy and in political credibility and in everything….despite all that, Turkey persisted in its repugnant practices, and that,  because the historical dream of Sayyed Qutb and before him, Muhammad Abdul-Wahhaab, had begun to take place, or so they imagined.  And they ravaged the land  from Tunisia to Libya to Egypt to Syria in their determination to put into action a delusion only found in their twisted minds.  And despite the proof of its failure and futility, they still insisted on continuing with it.  This can only be described in the rational scales of the mind with one word: “stupidity”.  “He who does not learn from history loses the present”.  There is no way that fire can ignite in your nest-door neighbor’s house while you live in security.


But, some neighbors ignited a fire in Syria and some sent for terrorists from all parts of the world.  And here the laughable, degrading distinction appears: eighty three nationalities are fighting in Syria…nobody complains and nobody condemns or rebukes…and nobody changes his position….and they continue to impudently call it:  “The Glorious Syrian Revolution”.  When tens of young men from the Resistance were with the army in some areas, the whole universe cringed.  They wouldn’t sit still and called it a “foreign intervention”.  And they demanded the departure of what they called “Foreign Forces” to maintain Syrian sovereignty so as not to violate it.


In this vein, I assure you that Syria, the sovereign, independent nation,  will undertake with all that is necessary to protect herself and with the ways she deems appropriate, without considering the shouting, the pronouncements, the communiques and posturing demonstrated by many.  These are Syria’s own pure decisions and Syria will remain purely herself.


Despite all this, the Syrian people remained steadfast.  Sanctions were imposed against their strength, their bread and milk for their infants so that they would starve or become sick or die under the yoke of these sanctions.  Parallel to this, the burning and plundering of factories started; the food and pharmaceutical factories; hospitals and clinics.  There was destruction of railroad tracks.  They took aim at the foundational  electrical cables.  Even the places of religious adoration, be they Christian or Muslim, were not spared by their terrorism.


But when they failed at all that, America hinted at its aggression against Syria and they fabricated, with whomever in the West and among the Arabs had an intersecting interest, the narrative about the use of chemical weapons which didn’t even convince their own people before it could convince us.  And that because the nations of democracy, liberty and human rights did not speak, sorry to say, other than with the language of blood and war, colonialism and hegemony. For democracy is imposed by fire and freedom, by fighter aircraft and human rights, by killing human beings.  They got used to being the final authority in the world….what they want to happen – happens and what they don’t want will never be.


They forgot or pretended they forgot that one who blows himself up in New York is the same who blows himself up in Syria.  It’s one and the same idea.  The source is one and the same.  They forgot or pretended to forget that this terrorist of yesterday was in America and today is in Syria.  But, tomorrow nobody knows where he’s going to be.  But what is certain is he won’t stop here.  Afghanistan was the best example for those who wanted to heed a warning.  He who wants!  But most don’t want to.  Not America.  Not some of the civilized Western countries which scrambled behind America starting with the City of Lights all the way to an empire over which the sun never set in former times.  Even though all of them tasted the bitterness of terrorism.  Then, they suddenly became “Friends of Syria”.  Four of these friends are oppressive, repressive monarchies who know nothing of civilization or democracy.  The others were colonialists of Syria who plundered her and divided her over a hundred years ago.  And now, these (countries) along with others are convening conferences in order to openly strengthen their friendship with the Syrian people by besieging them and imposing upon them sanctions – by supporting terrorism in Syria secretly – but they raise their voices in fear and apprehension over the terrible humanitarian situation and the living agony of Syrians.


If you really felt apprehension over the humanitarian and living situation in Syria you should take your hands off of us.  Stop pumping weapons and supporting terrorists! Lift the sanctions and break the siege of the Syrian people and revert to the use of the mind and the politics of logic.  Then, you can rest assured that we are well, as we once were, without your distress and your intense fear for our well-being.


One might ask oneself:  is everything in Syria a foreign creation?  No, Gentlemen.  There are Syrians here in this hall who participated in everything that’s been going on before.  They implemented, facilitated, legislated and differed…All that on the blood of the Syrian people whose aspirations they claim to represent.  So, they fell apart politically a hundred times and their field commanders took refuge in every corner of the earth.  They sold themselves to Israel.  They were its eyes to see and its hands to destroy.  And when they failed, Israel itself intervened to soften the blows inflicted by the Syrian Arab Army and it has been helping them to implement its designs for Syria for decades.


Our people were being butchered while they were living in five-star hotels. This is what even their followers on this land have said.  They opposed abroad and met abroad.  And they betrayed Syria abroad.  And they sold themselves to the highest bidder abroad.  And they speak in the name of the Syrian people.  Oh no, Gentlemen…He who wants to discuss (issues) in the name of Syrians doesn’t have to be a traitor to them or a stooge of their enemies.  He who wants to speak in the name of the Syrian people may come forward to Syria to live, witness and see off his children every day before they go to school.  Perhaps, they might never come back because of a bomb fired by the equipment of those who live abroad……to suffer the cold and frost because we have been deprived of heating oil….to stand long hours to bring bread to his home because the sanctions have prevented us from importing wheat even though we used to be exporters of it.  He who  wants to speak in the name of the Syrian people;  let him last out three years in terrorism – to fight it and to stand boldly in its face.  After that, he may come forward to speak in the name of the people.


The Syrian Arab Republic as a state and a people has done all that’s been asked of it.  We opened up our land to journalists who may now wander around as they please.  And they have transmitted the truth to you abroad – a truth many media organs won’t carry because it conflicts with what they want to utter and depict about Syria.  The examples are so many there is no way to enumerate them now.


We allowed international aid organizations to enter but the equipment of some inside Syria (of those who are seated here) prevented it and they were exposed to shooting many times from terrorists.  But we, as a state,  used to do our duty in protecting them and facilitating their tasks.  We released many prisoners in large numbers and even released armed elements – which provoked some grumbling from a sector of our people – But they understood and agreed that Syria was more valuable than all (such things) and, out of kindness for her, we must remain silent over our wounds… say “Allahu Akbar”.…to elevate ourselves beyond malevolence and hatred.


So, what have you done – you who claim you speak in the name of the Syrian people?  What is your vision of this great country?  Where are your ideas and political programs?  What are your instruments of change on this earth other than the terrorist gangs?  I am of the firm belief that you have nothing. And this is evident to him who is both near and far, especially in the areas which your mercenaries have occupied.  Or, as you say, using your bizarre expressions and terminology:  “have liberated”.  Have you really liberated the people in these areas?  Or have you hijacked their culture of moderation in order to impose your extremist and repressive practices?  Have you built the health centers or schools?  Or have you destroyed the hospitals and permitted polio to return to Syria after our children lived free from it for decades?  Have you preserved or protected the antiquities and museums of Syria?  Or have you pillaged the historical sites and sold them? Have you manifested your commitment to principles of justice and human rights or have you beheaded and publicly executed people for all to see?  In brief, you have done absolutely nothing other than collecting shame and humiliation by ingratiating yourselves with the United States in order to wage military aggression against Syria.  Even the opposition, over whom you have made yourselves lords and masters,  rejects you and rejects your way of administering even yourselves – before you think of being a party to administering a country – a country they wanted in a unified vision.


I am not talking here about a sectarian, racial or religious vision – for anyone who opposes them is something “other” and the “other” is a an infidel no matter what his religion or affiliation.  So they killed the Muslim of all  sects equally and they perfervidly targeted Christians inside Syria – even nuns could not be saved from them dressed as they were in the habits of their calling – so, they abducted them after they struck Ma’loolaa – the last place that spoke the language of Jesus Christ – in order to force the Christians of Syria to emigrate.  But, they failed in that also.  All Syrians are Christians when Christianity is struck and all Syrians are Muslims when mosques are targeted  and all Syrians from Al-Raqqa or from Latakia or from Al-Suwayda or from Homs or Battered Aleppo (are one) when any area I mentioned is struck.  That is because their efforts to spread sectarian and religious discord were uglier than what any enlightened Syrian could accept.  In brief, Gentlemen, your “Glorious Syrian Revolution” has not left one atrocity on this earth it has not committed.


In the face of all this existent black image was a light always at the end of the road.  The people insisted on defiance and the army insisted on defending citizens while the state insisted on persistence and continuity.  And despite all that had taken place, there were friendly and honest nations which stood by us and by Truth because Truth was plain to see and False was right before the eyes.  Nations like Russia, to whom I turn, in the name of the people and the Syrian state, with complete gratitude – and China – for their respect for the sovereignty of Syria and her freedom to decide.  Russia was a boon friend in international assemblies.  Russia would vigorously defend principles of the United Nations relevant to national sovereignty and human rights, with words and deeds, and alongside her was China and the BRICS countries, Iran, Iraq and Arab and Islamic countries in addition to the nations of Africa and South America.  All, with honesty, defended the aspirations of the Syrian people – not the aspirations of the other governments given what they wanted in Syria.


Yes, Gentlemen, the Syrian people like others in the area yearn for greater freedom, justice and human rights.  They yearn for greater pluralism and democracy…for a better Syria…a Syria that is secure, confident, blossoming and robust.  They yearn for a vibrant nation of institutions – not for the demolishing of institutions…(they yearn) for the protection of antiquities, national heritage and ancient Syrian historical sites…not for their ruination, plundering or destruction.  They yearn for a strong national army capable of protecting property, land and honor – an army that defends the nation’s borders, its sovereignty and independence…..not an army of mercenaries “Free” to kidnap civilians to exchange them for a ransom or for their use as human shields.  They don’t want an army “Free” to pillage aid and steal from the poor or to trade the nation away.  They don’t want an army “Free” to do business with women’s or children’s organs while they are alive – with some of their elements eating hearts and livers, roasting human heads over charcoal…conscripting children, raping women – and all that with the force of arms – arms sent to them by countries seated here under the so-called banner of “Support for the Moderate Groups”.  So, tell us, for God’s sake, where is the moderation in what I just mentioned?


And where, in the first place, are these moderate elements which hide behind their fanciful names,  especially the ones that emerged lately out of themselves who were supported militarily and by the media under new names for old fronts whose pelts had been torn off only to be replaced by others even more hideous? They claimed they were fighting terrorism.  And the media began to tart up the image of these old terrorists after they were dressed up in newer garments under the title of “Moderate”…But they knew just as we do that their extremism, their terrorism was one and the same with different titles.  And they know just as we do that, when all is said and done, they,  under the pretext of support to them, send weapons to Alqaeda and its affiliates inside Syria, Iraq and among others in the area.


This is the truth, Gentlemen.  So wake up, all of you!  The West supports and some Arabs implement – so that lethal weapons can get to Alqaeda.  Accordingly, the West publicly claims that it fights terrorism while secretly supporting it.  He who doesn’t see this truth is either blindly ignorant or doesn’t want to see it because he wants to persist in doing what he’s doing!

Is this the Syria you want, after so many thousands of martyrs, the loss of security and systematic destruction?  Are these the aspirations of the Syrian people which you want to realize?  No, Gentlemen, Syria will never remain like this and it will never be like this and, therefore, we have come here.  We came (despite all that some of you did)…to rescue Syria… stop beheadings, devouring of hearts and disembowelments. We came to send back children and women to the homes terrorism forced them to abandon.  We came to defend the civilized state and its modernity.  We came to halt the march of Tartars and Mongols to our region.   We came to stop the collapse of the entire Middle East… defend civilization, culture, diversity and richness….to defend the dialogue of civilizations and the confluence of religions in the land that is their wellspring….We came to protect the Islam of Tolerance which has been subject to distortion and to protect the Christians of the East.


We have come to tell Syrians abroad: “Come back to your country for a stranger remains a stranger no matter how near he may be”.  And a Syrian is a brother to a Syrian no matter how intense the ordeals.  We have come to stop terrorism just as all other countries which have tasted it have done.  We have said and continue to say that dialogue among Syrians is the solution.  However we, just as all countries which have been smitten by terrorism have done and still do, endeavor to defend our people for this is our constitutional duty.  And I say to you from this podium that we will continue to strike terrorism which has harmed all Syrians without regard to their political affiliations.


We have come to put everyone before their responsibilities.  So long as support for terrorism continues from nations – and you know who they are just as I do – this conference can never be successful.  Political practice and terrorism can never coexist in one place.  Politics meets at the point of struggle against terrorism. Terrorism cannot grow in its shadow.  We have come as representatives of the people and the state.  Yes, but, so that everyone knows: there is nobody in the world (and experience is the best proof for what I say) – nobody in the world – Oh Master Kerry – has the right to enact or revoke laws or to grant it for a president or government or constitution or statute or anything in Syria except the people themselves!  That is their right and their constitutional duty.  Whatever is agreed upon here, no matter what it is, must be subject to a people’s referendum.  Thus, we are authorized here to transmit what the people want – not to dictate their future.  And he who wants to listen to the people’s wish should not arrogate to himself the position of their spokesman.  They, alone, have the right to pick their leadership, their government, their parliament and their constitution.  Anything other than that is just verbiage which has no place in a people’s grammar book.


Finally, I direct my words to every person in attendance here and to the entire world that is watching us and listening:  We, in Syria, are fighting terrorism; a terrorism that destroyed so much and continues to do so.  It is a terrorism that Syria, since the Eighties of the last century, stood yelling for the struggle against it and for the formation of a unified front to combat it.  But, no one would listen to her.  It is a terrorism whose anguish you tasted in America, France, Britain, Russia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the list goes on.  And here it is extending into every place.  Let’s work together, all of us, to fight it….to take each other’s hand to stop its depressing, gloomy, horrifying ideology…..and after that….to stand unified as one Syrian man and to place Syria squarely before our eyes to start reconstructing her humanity and edifices.


Dialogue is, therefore, the basis, as I mentioned, and despite our gratitude to our host country, we,  nevertheless, say that Syrian-to-Syrian dialogue, in truth, should be on Syrian soil and under her skies.  Before one year had passed during these days the government of Syria proposed its own view for a solution and, here too, nobody listened.  How much blood of innocents could we have spared if the language of reason in some nations had trumped the language of terrorism and destruction?  A whole year and we were calling for dialogue.  Yet, terrorism was continuing to batter the Syrian state…its institutions, its government and people. Despite all that: better late than never!  And here we are today to take either the great decision of destiny to fight terrorism and extremism and to begin the political process, especially, since the majority here are Arabs and Westerners – Or some of you will persist in sponsoring terrorism in Syria.  This is your decision and our decision here.  Let’s rid ourselves of the dirty hands which wring yours and the lying faces which smile at you in public while they fuel the ideology of terrorism in secret in order to strike at Syria.  Necvertheless, in the end, terrorism will burn all.  This is the moment of truth and destiny.  Let us all be up to their challenge.


Text translated by Ziad Amin Abu Fadel, Esq., Michigan Supreme Court certified interpreter and editor of Syrian Perspective.


All rights reserved by People are welcome to quote directly from this text as long as the source is identified.  ZAF         








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Bot fly larvae
Bot fly larvae (@guest_16116)
6 years ago

Yes, but unfortunately it falls on deaf ears at Geneva II.

Blegburnduddoo (@guest_16115)
6 years ago

A great speech.

Half of syria are sheep
Half of syria are sheep (@guest_16061)
6 years ago

Do you know the talk between the prophet abraham and a bird?

Half of syria are sheep
Half of syria are sheep (@guest_16058)
6 years ago


M (@guest_16054)
6 years ago

Anybody can post back THOUSENDS of videos from atrocities made by “rebels”, NATO and others… What’s your point?!

Raad (@guest_16013)
6 years ago