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ZAF ALEPPO: AL-NAQQAAREEN, AL-ZARZOOR, AL-TA’AANA, AL-SUBAYHIYYA AND AL-MURTAFA’ 53 (Elevation 53)  and AL-NAJJAAREEN (Shaykh Najjaar) INDUSTRIAL ZONE have all been completely liberated.  Wael reports 301 counted rodent carcasses in this area southwest of Aleppo City with the number expected to rise as SAA and NDF with security forces reconnoitre and search abandoned buildings.  Among the rats themselves, the numbers are even higher with estimates by Alalam reaching 1000 dead rats as a result of internecine fighting.  What is significant here is that the lifeline to the rats inside the city has been severed.  Of significance also is that the SAA has now  mastered the science of detecting and disarming the numerous IEDs and booby traps left by the escaping vermin.  IEDs found so far are in the hundreds.

BA’ATH PARTY SOURCES CONFIRM that most leaders of the now defunct FSA and J.N. are leaving Syrian for Turkey.  They are escaping in droves.  It appears that only low level commandants are left now in the city, especially in ‘Anadaan.  This development is very significant and confirms that the tide has turned irrevocably in favor of the SAA.

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Tallat Al-Zarzoor:  SAA killed 13 rodents from J.N. trying to escape northwards.  We have no names.  All believed to be foreigners.

Tallat Al-Ghaali:  Skirmishing with no details.

Al-Raashideen Quarter:  An attempted infiltration into Al-Hikma School and Al-Shamsa was repulsed by NDF with 3 dead rodents identified:

‘Abed ‘Ali Mahfouzh

Suhayl Ahmad Al-Sutoohi

Mustafaa Jalaal ‘Abdul-Wali Jabaara

Central Prison:  On Sunday, the rats were annihilated to the tune of 66 dead.  The carcasses remain strewn about, swelling up in the noon-day sun and smelling like a plague of rodents.  No names, obviously.

Bani Zayd Quarter:  An attempted infiltration from Bani Zayd into Al-Dhubayt Street and the Vegetable Souq to Al-Ashrafiyya was a catastrophe for the rodents who seem to be suffering from a lack of organized command.  Wael says the operation became a turkey shoot.  39 confirmed rats dead. Bayaanoon:  Some fighting here with little detail.

Al-Marja Quarter:  Ditto.

Al-Saaliheen Quarter:  4 rodents were spotted after civilians contacted a local office of General Security.  They were offered the opportunity to surrender but opened fire.  They were all foreigners.

Rityaan:  No details about a skirmish here.

‘Anadaan:  More SAA sniping at reckless rodents strutting about with that look of death about them.  Wael says the SAA killed 2 rodents and wounded an estimated 5.

Ma’aarrat Al-Arteeq:  Fighting with no details.

Baabees Quarter in the Old City:  Confirmed 7 dead rats with 13 surrendering.

Karm Al-Turaab:  No details.

Rasm Al-‘Abbood Village:  Ditto.

City:  An attempted infiltration by rats on Monday from the Al-Hudhayfa Mosque to the Broadcasting Station was a dismal failure.  It was also easy.  Police and security killed 2 rodents and took 16 prisoners. ________________________________________________________  NEWS AND PROPAGANDA: Here’s a good one about Sharon and his record of mayhem:

Gerhardt Schindler of the BND started it last February.  Now they’re all afraid of the rats:

Miqdad: West Starts to Open Security Contacts with Syria

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