He smells bananas!  Bandar bin Sultan, seen here schmoozing at the camera.  He has no idea what fate has in store for him.    

I just had a nice conversation with someone I trust who just came back from Lebanon.  I can’t hide it from my readers: he is a close friend and political ally.  Let’s call him Jameel.  He hates the Wahhabists as much as I do and he shares my goals of a secular Arab nation free of the enslaved, compromised, comprador regimes who now afflict our societies in almost every capital.  He is also well-placed with friends in Lebanon whom many of you would place on a list of “very important people”.  He says that Bandar will be dead before the year is out.  That includes his brother, Salman bin Sultan.
There are several reasons for this.  The first is that the Saudi “royal family”, a collection of simian specimens straight out of the Book of the Dead, are in the “qualifying stage” for the battle of the century to secure the throne after the aging, zombie-like King ‘Abdullah gives up the ghost.  The competition is tight with more than 10 “princes” vying for the post and all aiming their venom at Bandar who thinks he’s the most qualified to be king.  A King Bandar bin Sultan would be the CIA’s greatest achievement in its annals of skulduggery since Oleg Penkovsky.  To think that the U.S. would have a professional spook sitting atop a throne floating on oil with a rump on the Persian Gulf is a dream that would normally remain that way  – a dream unfulfilled.  
Or so we think.  Bandar has made some serious mistakes.  One was helping to push a wedge between the Saudi throne and the American White House over the botched Syria Affair and the unexpected American dalliance with Teheran.  This has left the Americans with a bitter aftertaste and a sense they can’t count on one of the world’s most important exporters of oil despite the decades of close security cooperation between the two.  Remember King Faisal’s oil embargo after the 1973 October War?  Remember what happened to King Faisal? Look it up.  Find out how the CIA exacted revenge and issued a warning by sending a Manchurian Candidate into the halls of power in Riyadh, the king’s nephew, Prince Faisal bin Musaa’ed,  who shot him twice in the head.  The assassin was programmed by CIA operatives in Colorado and was known to harbor a grudge against the king.  That, however, was hardly a reason to assassinate Faysal the Monarch.  It was the imprint of the CIA that motivated the killer.
King Faisal got whacked because he turned on the U.S. and turned off the oil spigot.  The CIA sent his family a fish wrapped in paper.  
The second mistake Bandar made was his public affair with the Israelis.  Oh, don’t fret too much over the fact that the Saudi-Zionist bond has been there for more than 30 years.  I’m not talking about that issue.  It’s no secret, not even to the Saudi population.  I’m referring to the young princes’ need to find a justification to lop Bandar’s head off.  What would be more palatable to the Saudi populace than an accusatory finger pointed at the chest of the traitorous ape, Bandar bin Sultaan? His open relations with Mileikowski (a/k/a Netanyahu)...a scandal! Humiliation for Arabia and its defenders of the two Holy Shrines?  Right?

Courtesy Iran TV
The third reason he’s going to be whacked is his love affair with terrorism.  Bandar is spending a lot of the kingdom’s ill-gotten gains on financing a bloody farce in Syria.  If it’s true there are over 100,000 rats in Syria battling to overthrow the government of Dr. Bashar Al-Assad, figure out the cost in wages alone.  Multiply 100,000 by $1,000 every month in a war that’s been going on for almost 3 years.  Now add in the cost of weapons and ammunition whose capture by the Syrian Army as reported on our blog is only the tip of the iceberg.  Saudi Arabia may be rich, but how rich can you be when you are frittering away the gold in your coffers on a project that is producing nothing but failure.

Which brings us to the 4th reason Bandar is going on a long trip into the abyss.  He was given only 6 months to take care of the Syrian affair or else.  He is desperate.  According to Jameel, the word is out that Bandar is planning a breakout if he approaches the deadline in December and Dr. Assad is still the sitting president,  which is what everyone expects.  Unfortunately for Bandar, as he knows, Jameel reports that there is a special detail of bodyguards in his security force whose only mission is to prevent a director of General Intelligence from seeking refuge in a foreign country.  Jameel says theirs is an easy task:  kill him immediately if he makes a move.  Thus, Bandar’s savage acceleration of aid to the ISIS and J.N. over the last 3 weeks and his initiative in Jordan to speed up the training of another 5,000 rats – with a surprise that awaits Mr. Bandar, but one he may not live to see.  The hourglass is rapidly moving the sand particles just as the sands of Arabia are rapidly preparing to swallow another miserable wretch in its voracious, vast and vaulted velum of a charnel house. 

Jameel says that what I’ve know for some time:  Syria’s own security services have a list of “must-do” tasks.  It requires no great intellect to figure out who might be on it:  ‘Uqaab Saqr, ‘Abdul-Hakeem Belhadj, Khaaled Dhaaher,  Shaykh Al-‘Aseeri and, the lowly, Bandar Bin Sultaan – not necessarily in that order.

We, at SyrPer, don’t believe the Syrians will get this weasel.  We think weasels will get him.  Like in any Shakespearian historical drama, the ones most proximate to the protagonist will be most likely to get their beards soaked in his blood.  And so it is with the Ottoman sultans.  Sun Tzu is reported to have said: “Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer”.  With Bandar, we’re afraid his enemies may be too close for comfort.  ZAF



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